Lauren Fleishman: Camp Shane

I thought the essay and the photographs from camp shane (fat camp) were really moving, but not in a specific way.
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"I don't want to believe that I look good now because I lost weight. I want to believe that I looked good all along. I just want to believe that."

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Anonymous Ms Charlie Star said...

It made me kind of sad to read, because although it could have just been her perception that her parents were embarrassed about her pre-weight-loss appearance, kids and teens are way more observant than they get credit for being sometimes . . . and they pick up on those little negative signals from people who they look up to and rely on. So it's entirely possible her parents acted like they weren't proud of Lauren before her weight loss :(. I hope that wasn't the case, though.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous MizFit said...

Id not heard of the camp until it was on TRUE LIFE (MTV) a few years back.

Im withholding comment as I love the quote but am unsure what I think of Fat Camps (the kids' on mtv's wording) in general.


6:17 AM  

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