No exercise+ hormones= crazy

Lately, (as in the past couple of days) I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Mostly, down though. I can say that I haven't experienced PMS at this level in quite awhile and I know my lack of exercise lately is to blame. Usually I experience mild craziness for a couple of days and then it passes.

But, this whole week I feel like everything is going to cause a meltdown. We recently decided to change our wedding date and this decision alone is causing major stress and I can't seem to deal with it. That alone, it making me sad, I'm just telling myself "get over it", is planning a wedding supposed to be this stressful?
The planning part is fine, but is the part about trying to please everyone else over ourselves. All of these silly rules and traditions.

The reason for the date change is due to the possible weather disasters. The place where I'm moving is pretty much in the middle of nowhere (compared to where I'm from) and traveling to our wedding could be next to impossible if it were to snow.

So, it looks like it could be in late March or early May. I'm having all of these crazy thoughts. I actually almost cried last night because of how much I hate leafless seasons. I was like "but march only pretends to be the spring! its so gray and leafless and depressing!". Yeah. So, now I know that I need exercise not only to lose weight, but to handle my insanity.

I'm forcing myself to the gym. I need to pull myself out of this, right now everything seems very hopeless. I'm finding fault in everyone around me. I become hateful and judgmental, and that really isn't the way to spend my time.

Over the weekend I watched Music and Lyrics and I temporarily hated Drew Barrymore for being so cute, smiley and quirky, while I was feeling evil and bitchy.

Okay...going to the gym today. Thats an order.

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Blogger Shanna said...

WOW...you know its bad when you find fault in Drew Barrymore =)

Sadly, I can relate! I seriously, turn evil once a month. Defnitely try to get back to working out. Unbelievabley, it helps.

About your wedding, the only way you can keep your sanity, it to put you and your future hubby first! Thats all the matters. Don't worry about traditions and expecially don't worry about everyone else. You are celebrating your love for each other, not everyone else. Try to be stay strong on that point. You want to look back & have great wonderful memories, not I wish-we-woulda's. It'll work out! =)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

Drew Barrymore gets on my nerves as well. I think she is a lot more annoying than cute.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Monique said...

I know how challenging it may be to stay on regimen to workout. Although, you really just have to change your mindset and do only what you can do. Whether that may be to walk around a block, run for 10 minutes, do 30 sit-ups, etc. Whatever it is, 'just do it.' I promise you will feel great about youself and therefore you will not be so cranky.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

I've been reading a bunch of blogs on weight loss 'cause it's something I'm doing myself.

I think it's great that you're not using any diet pills--I'm scared of them!

But I saw this when I was doing my searches: http://www.pastoreformulations.com/product_p/005.htm.

It's supposed to be an all natural supplement and appetite suppressant. I've done some Googling on the ingredients and it sounds interesting. What do you think about stuff like this?

10:55 AM  
Blogger Krissie said...

I think we did a great job planning our wedding. I seriously picked the date, hydrangeas, blue, and no bows. Other than that, I decided not to care. I knew from Day 1 the only thing that mattered was that Nathan, myself, and the minister were all in attendance. As Nathan and I often say about our lives, "the rest is just details."

And, you know what, it was the best day of my life. And next month it will be 5 years. And, you know what? The DJ sucked. We forgot to hand out some of the favors. But what do I remember? The look on Nathan's face as I came down the aisle. Feeling like there was no one else on the earth but the two of us.

Everything will work out. And you won't remember if there were leaves on the trees or not.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Supple Mama said...

Oh my word, planning a wedding is super stressful. ***hugs*** I have been there. We ended up just going to the courthouse.

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Damian said...

I think that one of the biggest reasons people gain weight is stress. between work kids spouse ect...
People Don't have enough time to take care of your self, life is hectic we all know that so we have something that you should try out.......

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Paul Duncan said...

Hey I know where you are coming from.I spend a lot of time on fitness as I am a climbing guide.But saying that i get times where i miss a few days and that turns into a few weeks.

I don't know why I do this,it just happens,and it makes me feel horrible.Even though i'm not going to lose that levels of fitness in a few weeks,it makes me feel moody,grumpy,and a nightmare to be around.

I do manage to get out of this and start training again,and after a few days I'm all smiles again.

I know that if i don't train i turn into Freddy Kruger (although my skin doesn't get to that level) but i feel that there is nothing i can do to change this situation.

I've tried relaxation techniques,hypnosis cd's,but I suppose I just have to live with this.

6:37 AM  

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