Exercise: Q & A

Here are a couple of questions from nicole from the day off diet q & a post.

1. What is your current exercise program? Have you stepped it up at all since you've started the Day-Off Diet?

Token Fat Girl: I do follow an exercise program, or I should say I was before the past couple of weeks. Over the past year, while my eating has been all over the map, I've done strength training and cardio on a regular basis. I wouldn't say overly consistently though, but I decent amount. Recently, I went on a trip and now I'm busy packing and work and planning a wedding which seems to be taking a lot of my time. I know, excuses, excuses. I've got a month left in my membership here so I'm going to keep using it until its up in August.

Anyway, I do strength training with Josh, we have two memo pads where we have been keeping track of our progress. One is from 07 and one for this year. Its really interesting to compare our strength this year to last year. I've gotten a lot stronger! I'm can push close to 400 lbs. on the leg press. Actually, I will make another post with my strength comparisons this year from last.
We do strength training in an untraditional way, which can be frustrating at times when the meat heads at the gym try to give us advice. I believe (this isn't a new concept) that strength is increased not by multiple reps at a low rate, but fewer reps at a "maxed out rate". Often times we need each other for the "positive lifting". I know I'm probably explaining this in a confusing and jumbled way haha! But, anyway, in short, we have a longer resting period to actually give the muscle time to rebuild, while increasing the weights by 5-10 lbs. each time we workout. I've been doing this for two years without injury.

When I do cardio at the gym I either like the 55 minute kick boxing class or 60 minutes on the stationary bike.

In August I won't have access to the gym here, so I'm thinking of doing power walking around the neighborhood or some DVDs. I plan on joining a new gym in VA when we move.

2. How often are you weighing yourself? You said that you need the scale/tape measure to know that you're doing the right things...but I almost feel like, we all know what the "right" thing is...whether we do it or not, that's the choices we make.

This really varies. I used to do it Saturday to Saturday. Or Sunday to Sunday when I was following weight watchers. Some weeks I weigh myself daily. I'm trying to avoid the scale for longer periods of time as of the late because I tend to go a little crazy with the whole thing. I can "gain" 4lbs. in a day in water and sometimes that can really get me down, even if its gone the next morning. The last time I got on the scale I was at 262, which I'm really excited about. That was about a week and a half ago. I'm not in a rush to lose weight, but I would like to be about 245 by labor day.

I hope this answers your questions Nicole!

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Anonymous MizFit said...

would you weight train at home in august?

or not your thing?


6:32 AM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Great answers! And yeah, I'd love to see your progress - that's always inspiring!

I was just reading about the 2 for 2 rule, where if you're supposed to be doing 12-15 reps - if, on your second set for two days in a row you can do 17 reps, then you should up the weight by 5 to 10 pounds. Sounds logical!

I'm just starting to study to get my Personal Trainer Cert - I'm not sure what I'll actually do with it, or whether I'll just use it for me, but I'm very interested in stories like yours because you know what's worked and what hasn't to get you this far.

And I've been there too...a few years back, I was a size 22/24, now I'm a size 10/12, with probably 20 more pounds to go...I'm hoping all this Personal Trainer studying will do it!!

Anyway, congratulations on your progress so far - you're a rock star!!


1:38 PM  

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