subs= self-esteem

This commercial has been circulating around the internet for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say after seeing it I am totally appalled, annoyed and pissed.
Check it out:

Are you kidding me? Aside from the obvious bad taste of the commercial as a whole, since when did processed nitrate/hormone infused meat that has been sitting in a plastic tub for god knows how long, become health food?

Seriously Subway, your sandwiches are lacking in the taste department as it is and now you go and pull a stunt like this. As a woman I am told every single day that I am not thin enough or pretty enough and now according to you I should eat your shit meat over McDonalds shit burgers to save my relationship and my self-esteem? Hmph. Again, reason #14,567 that I'm glad I do not watch cable TV.

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Anonymous MizFit said...

and for me it is reason 96509856 why Im glad I tape EVERYTHING and skip the commercials.



6:31 AM  

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