Step away from the peppermint brownies: day three

It feels really good to see the scale in the 270's again, even though I know I hold onto water like crazy, its just nice to feel like I'm doing something right to decrease that. I'm so happy about this, that I wish I had a weight watchers weigh-in this week for a moral boost before the week of indulgence. I'm thinking about trying something a little crazy next week, in the form of exercise (oh my!) Could it be possible to exercise at least 30 minutes every day while on vacation?? I don't think it will be possible on the driving days as it takes 10-12 hours to drive from nyc to va/wv. I'd like to do this!

I'm going to try to pop-in for blogging a little while I'm gone. This weeks blogging has really helped me, setting a goal and making the little graphic for it has really helped keep me motivated and dedicated to eating less this week. I don't have a lot of time for this post this morning, but I have this feeling like I have to do it, I have to post. And to be really honest, I didn't want to post those two peppermint brownies that I ate last night! I bought those for gifts (and still are gifts) and I thought, what would it hurt to eat two? I don't feel really guilty about it, but just another example that I should not have sweets in the house even if they don't really belong to me. It's a good thing that I don't totally love peppermint+chocolate or it could be worse. But, its also sad to note that I ate another one anyway even though I don't really love them. Like the Fat Bride's Maid said this past week. A lot of us eat things because they are there, not because we actually like it, or want it.

I better go now, have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS: I forgot to put this in my chart, but I have 17 flex points left after yesterday.

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non-stop hunger: Day 2

I'm back again! I bet you didn't expect to see day two didya? :)
Anyway, yesterday went well and all of that snacking was due to hunger. The santa fe beans and rice was actually eaten at midnight on Monday (not sure if this was a good idea) and then I ate an apple, hunger, pretzels, hunger, salad, hunger, beef jerky, hunger... it went like that.

I'll admit that I've often confused other things with hunger such as thirst or emotional hunger, but this was stomach pangs. Which I will contribute to eating too much last week. The sugar cravings went away a lot yesterdayand that makes me feel good because I feel like I "suffered" a little one day by cutting back, which made the craving go away. Krissie asked (hi Krissie!) in yesterdays comments if sugar cereal contributes to sugar cravings. I really think so, but I'm not a nutritionalist (obviously, haha). I really do believe that eating a little sugar leads to wanting to eat more sugar. Even if its controlled portions and a diet brand, sometimes those can lead to even more cravings and leading us (me) feeling that we didn't have a real sweet, so we want more.

I'm working on being more disciplined with my actions and trying to push past the uncomfortable feelings I seem to get from doing simple things, like eating well and exercising.

PS: I got on the scale this morning and its even lower than yesterday, which is so comforting and obvious that if I follow the plan I can and will lose weight. Sometimes I get so tripped up in "oh, it wont work" or "I can't do this" that I don't even try.

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my job makes me want to eat about ten of these:

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The forbidden cookies: day one recap

Day one Re-cap:
The day went pretty well as far as staying within my points range. I didn't eat any fruits or vegetables and I did more napping than exercise. I restarted my points at midnight and ate again, due to hunger.
Also, I wanted sugar all day long. My mind continue to consider baking cookies for the "holidays", but honestly me and Josh would have eaten all of them. Will save holiday eating for next week. I chewed gum instead or ate a light sandwich to curb cravings which worked until I had two Ferrero Rocher's. Two for four points, not too horrible.

I keep reminding myself that I'm 100lbs.+ over weight and I really cannot find any excuse to eat sweets. Although, I'm always looking for them!

PS: Thank you for the engagement-congratulatory comments!

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Updates: Good news + resolutions + other stuff

I should win the blog neglect award of 2007, does that award exist? Oh, I'm so weird about "having things to do", I will put something off and then it gets put off for another day and that turns into a week and before I know it I've created an unhabit (?) out of something and feel really guilty about it. I hate feeling like I have to be all or nothing, I feel like I have to be really into blogging (or really good at writing, photos, etc.) or I just won't do it at all.

I was looking at my entires over the past year, and I feel encouraged about what I discovered and discouraged that I am only 10lbs. less now than I was a year ago. Yes, thats 10 lbs ( I just weighed myself about 10 minutes ago). What happened? What went wrong? Those questions are so important right now and could be the key to my success for 2008. I don't want to feel like a failure, but I do want to acknowledge that I set out to do something and I came up short with the goals. It's not the end, but I've barely scratched the beginning.

As I look over the past year, I see events (life situations) that I used as an excuse to not fulfill my goals. I kept waiting to act, when it was the right time, when I've sat down thought about it and planned it out.

I've been going to weight watcher meetings for seven (count that, seven) weeks now and am actually the same weight when I started. I was doing so great and then Thanksgiving came and it has been a down hill struggle to get back up since. I want 2008 to be about enjoying lifes events without making them all about food. Or without getting too stressed out that I drop everything. I would say "how can i lose weight when im so busy?". Thats just silly. I will always have things to do, and thats a good thing.

So, not to cut myself off, but I have good news! As of Wednesday, I am engaged to get married. Josh asked me, and of course I said yes. I've been wrapping my head around this idea for the last couple of days that this (lovely) person that I've known for over 6 years wants to be with me forever, and now he is family. His family is my family and vice versa. Holy crap! We haven't set a date yet, but the wedding will probably be mid- 2009. Thats a pretty good initiative to lose weight right?

Does anyone else out there in blog land make resolutions? There seems to be two people: those that avidly make them every year and those that very much do not. I am the first type. I love them and have even forced family members and friends to make them as well, even though they growl at me. I will have my list up soon, I'm still working out some kinks. This blog is defiantly on that list. I will also say that I'm going to work on being more fearless and have less guilt.

One more thing before I go start wrapping presents. I jokingly said to Josh yesterday after our weigh in that my body is able to gain and lose weight really quickly. Which isn't really as much of a joke as truth. I got on the scale this morning and just for kicks and for the sake of an experiment I'm going to set out to lose 10-15 lbs. (and will mostly be water) I don't advocate this, nor do I believe it is 100% possible. I also know that it is not good long term and it is an unrealistic goal, just in case someone is waiting to lecture me in a comment. I think it would be kind of interesting to challenge myself the week before the food frenzy of Christmas, and who knows? It may even help me kick start the New Year! My next weigh in,will be Saturday morning, not a whole week from today so well see!

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