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Its been awhile, hasn't it? Blogging is a weird thing for me, sometimes I get in a groove and I just want to type type type. Other times, I hardly know what to say. Things have been going smoothly, right down the middle lately. I've been following my plan, I've been losing weight.

I feel a bit of indifference this whole week, which is strange. Usually when I'm trying to lose weight I'm a total spaz about the whole thing: agonizing over food, agonizing over the scale and doing about a million mental flip flops over the whole thing while I do it. "should I eat this?" "why is the scale up 3 lbs today!?!?!" "ooo the scale is down, let me eat now!"

Its just not happening, its weird. I'm reacting differently. Its as if my mind has finally caught up to the present of losing weight and is totally cool about the whole thing. I no longer feel like its a mad dash to the finish line. Right now, I'm up a little, and I'm okay with that. Because it could be anything, I know I am losing weight and will continue to lose. I don't doubt it, I know I will be thinner in the coming months.

I guess I had more to say than I thought.

I also want to mention that for being a "good person" I totally got out of having over 5k in free food. haha, okay its pretty ridiculous and I'm sure they would have caught on. I order my food online from a lovely service here called Fresh Direct. I love it because I've done grocery shopping in our neighborhood and its a total pain, plus the food is rarely fresh.

That said, our order yesterday was late. I didn't complain about it, as I don't care about stuff like that. But, they sent me an email apologizing and refunding me the shipping fee.
You can imagine my astonishment when I got this email:

Thank you for helping us to serve you better. We have issued you the following credits for order #000000000:

$5,395.00 from the Transportation Department in store credit
$5,395.00 total store credit

$5,395.00 TOTAL CREDIT

We'll automatically subtract these store credits from your next order total.

What?!?! I sat and thought about it: "did I win a prize!??! omg! free groceries! what should I order?!?!" and then I thought "is this some sort of promotion, is it a gimick for me to order more food"

I didn't know what to think, but I really wanted to know if I had that much store credit so I send them an email. But, I couldn't wait so I called them. The guy on the other line looked up my account and sure enough he was as confused as I was. He put me on hold for what seemed like ten minutes and was all "I'm sorry for the wait miss burger, it looks like someone in the transportation department made a typing error. It was supposed to a 5.40 refund. For being honest, we are doubling the store credit. You now have 10.80" I so thought he was going to say "one free order on us" haha I'm such a sucker for free food.

Anyhow, no lie, while I was on hold I figured it all out myself and silently banged my head on the wall for calling and sending the email. I'm a bad person, I know. I totally would have made at least one more order had I realized it was an error in my favor, like monopoly. Fresh Direct error in my favor, FREE FOOD. Sigh, how should I spend my $10?

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