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Hope everyone is having a nice, active and healthy weekend. I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday because we spent most of the day at an Obama rally, which was awesome. By the time I made it home all I wanted to do was rest on the couch.

The week went pretty well, but wasn't perfect. I need more structure with my eating and I know that recording it here will do that for me. Its just a matter of actually doing it. I need the accountability. I love what Krissie has done in the past with recording her food via photographs. Did anyone read her recap of The Biggest Loser that she did for Fat Bridesmaid? With those two I don't even have to watch the show haha. I like their commentary much better too :)

Thanks for all the comments regarding high fructose corn syrup, its nice to know I'm not alone in the insanity of it all! I will say, thanks to the commercials I've been more aware of it in my labels and will be skipping those things at the store from now on.

Well, I think today is going out to the movies sort of day. I'll be back tomorrow!

PS: Anyone try those fiber one poptarts lately? I'm not sure if they have HFCS (didn't look at the time), but they were pretty good and didn't leave me bloated (and er gassy) like their bars do.

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Blogger Laura said...

I know what you mean about accountability. That's the main reason I created my blog.

I didn't know Fiber One had these new products. I love the bars, so I should try these as well.

5:06 PM  
Blogger da61107 said...

Hi, I haven't tried the Fiber One poptarts but do like their chocolate chip bars. What i enjoy for breakfast is the Quaker Oatmeal on the Go bars. They have a high fiber one that is a little on the sweet side. The only problem is theyre kinda dry. The apple cinnamon are my fav with banana bread coming in second for taste. For a breakfast on the go i think theyre great!
Dave http://stickola.wordpress.com/

8:58 AM  

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