Its gettin hot in here

Woah, totally haven't updated in forever. I just got back from a quick trip down to WV to see a friend get married. Dropping like flies, I tell ya.

Things are going good on the weight-loss front, I need to do some strength training/cardio this week. The heat is insane lately! Thats the thing about the weather, it cracks me up, its summerish and we are all "its so hot!" as if its the first time we've been hot. This is my second summer in NY without real air conditioning.

Living in NYC is not as glamorous as one would think, sure you can get the best food here and go to the best shows or do some great shopping, but the living part is that hard part. To find a decent and affordable apartment is just not really possible.

While in WV we were visiting my moms friend for a dip in her pool. It was nice, her house was beautiful! Later me and Josh noted how expensive that same lifestyle would be in NYC. Impossible really, unless you're a millionaire (twice over.)

So while it is hot, there is a bonus to being hot: I don't want to eat. Okay thats a lie, I do want to eat just not a lot and not often. I find myself saying things like "its too hot to eat!"

I have some other stuff I need to update on, like a product review I should have done two weeks ago. Also I've been getting some interesting emails/questions about the plan I'm following. I will answer them here for sharing.

If you have any other questions, get them in now and I'll answer them all in one post. My email address is tokenfatgirl@gmail.com.

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Anonymous MizFit said...

go YOU on finding the bonus to the heat (says the woman who gets less food hungry yet struggles with the call of the Ben & Jerrys).

I love manhattan but where I could afford to live and *with a child* I just cant do it.



12:55 PM  
Blogger goodbyetoallfat said...

"Living in NYC is not as glamorous as one would think"

You mean all those TV shows have been flogging me a false image all these years? It's really very drab and boring ...?

I know living in the big cities can be expensive -- I'm in London, UK but love watching US import progs like SATC, Friends, Cheers, etc.

Best wishes,

8:46 PM  

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