Where does the time go?

Its been awhile hasn't it? About two weeks to be exact. I've been busy, or busy trying to figure out how to better manage my time. It wasn't that long ago that we decided to move to the rural town of Floyd, VA which at the time was like "oh! its so far away. 8 months. We've got plenty of time". And now I somehow find myself in April and I'm becoming a bit more frantic. Being frantic isn't exactly productive, so I had to tell myself to calm down.

Anyhow, today I find myself at the weight of 277 (I checked this morning) a bit up from the flu inducing 273.5 of two weeks ago. I also realize that I have a lot on my plate right now, and if I'm going to get it all done I really need to manage my time better. And that includes blogging more often.

What exactly do I have going on? Well, I plan on being self-employed come September. The idea of being self-employed is equal parts exciting and scary. And then, I may have mentioned that I am getting married in a year and I still have arms the size of Kansas! Oh, yeah and I'm still working 40 hours a week and working on a million projects for making money in September. And and and. But, this is all good stuff and a good direction so I am very much staying positive about it all.

How is the diet going? It just so happens that I started a 12-week weight-loss challenge yesterday with two of my closest friends (one lives in WV, the other in DC.) We are actually documenting the whole thing on another blog, which I will post the link to as soon as we get some of the bones finished. The challenge goes until June 25th, which works nicely with my plan to be in the 240's in June. I'm really excited about this, to have accountability and motivation in some fresh new ways. We are working everything on a point system to measure our success and to determine who the winner is. I will blog about my progress here as well, of course.

For example, we get two points for every 30 minutes of exercise we do, 2 points for staying within our food guidelines (1500-1700 calories for me), 1 point for posting food points, etc. I've started going back to the gym which has been a welcome re-addition to my life. I really feel like the gray cloud of winter has started to fade and its defiantly lifting my spirits and creating some new motivation to exercise in my life.

Oh Spring, how I've missed you!

Todays Lunch:

540 Calories. Yup, thats white bread.

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OpenID stuckinafatbody said...

What a wonderful idea.
taking pictures of what your eating. I should do that....
What kind of sandwich is that???

4:38 PM  
Blogger ZAYNA said...

It looks really, really good.

5:55 PM  

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