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I had great plans for this week. I was going to start using my new bento box that my mom got me for my birthday. I was going to go to the gym. I was going to tidy the house for the arrival of my friends this weekend. I'm not sure which of these things would have happened, and which wouldn't have. But, I have the flu and it sucks. And I'm whining about it.

I think I'm in a bit of denial about it, as I went into work yesterday morning. It wasn't easy as every stop I had to get off the train for my fear of "getting sick" in public. What is the protocol for this? After train hopping and stopping three times I finally called my co-workers from a pay phone (no reception in the station) to ask "what do you do if you have to puke in the train station? Can I do it on the tracks?" Her best advice was to go upstairs and have them call the ambulance. That seemed a bit drastic and expensive for matters of the flu. I ended up asking a lady who did not speak very good English for her plastic shopping bag. I official entered NYC crazy person status at the 36th st. R train line. It was even so dramatic that I dropped the phone mid-conversation because I felt my body turning violent if I didn't do it right then.

This all started on Friday night when I met my Finish friend Annika for drinks. I hadn't seen her in about two years since our internship in Dumbo. She sent me a message before hand that read "I feel like death, but I'm coming anyway!" Now I know what she meant.

Its almost 4AM and I'm heading into day two of this. The nausea has passed and it seems for now that the fevers have stopped too. All thats left is a very achy body, a semi-sore throat and eyeball pain (not sure where this one comes from.) I cheered myself up by reading passages of my old childhood diary. It.is. hilarious. I wrote in this thing from 1992-1998. I wrote about 4-5 pages each year mostly about new crushes, and fights with my sister or friends.

Anyway, please keep me in your thoughts as my favorite friends are coming to visit Friday and I need lots of energy.

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Blogger xo said...

Oooh, I get the eyeball pain a lot. I think it is dehydration. Usually, I have it after a out-so-late-that-Friday-is-now-Saturday kind of night.

Feel better!
xx m

2:52 PM  

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