Catching up: Stats for Wednesday and Thursday

I will normally post these at the end of the day, but I wanted to catch up first.

Wednesday September 5th

5 slices of turkey bacon
3 eggs w/ one slice of provolone (no oil)
8oz. of juice
4.5 oz turkey kielbasa
2 buns
8 oz. salmon (with a little olivio and lemon)
corn on the cob 1/ 1 tablespoon olivio

Exercise: 25 minutes of upper arm strength training, 55 minutes cardio kick
Weigh in: non

Notes: A pretty good day food wise. I'd like to focus on lower portions. I only ate when I was hungry. The exercise was really good, I plan on being sore tomorrow.
Thursday September 6th
4oz. turkey kielbasa
2 buns
4 mini granola bars
amy's organic whole wheat bean and rice burrito
chicken tika masala

Weigh in: 274.5
Exercise: Didn't go to the gym, but took a walk from the bank during lunch (about 15 minutes)

Notes: Today was okay, I ate too many granola bars and too much Indian food. I was really craving the Indian food and I was so hungry that I just ate it all so quickly. I was really stuffed afterwards. I would like to try and focus more on not eating so quickly. As far as the granola bars its just a matter of not having that sort of thing around in large quantities or I will feel tempted to eat it all.

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