Will return to normal schedule soon

Things in the blog will return to normal around mid-August. August 13th to be exact.

We are preparing for a huge event that is seriously around the corner, and is a bit stressful. Which is taking away from my blog time and brain power (no, I wont get fired for posting this) at work and after work. After this event, I am flying to WV to visit and to throw my sisters bridal shower.

So, more posts and leaving comments…oh, and updating my links section. Sometimes I feel a bit silly saying that all of the blogs I list inspire me. A lot of them go as quickly as they come and some of them I simply read out of habit. There are only a handful of blogs that I go to for weight-loss inspiration. I try to keep this blog about weight-loss only for various reasons. I find that when I start writing here about my life I start to lose focus on the weight loss part. I do have another blog that is in the slow updating lane as well, www.loveyoudeer.com.

To keep things on track, me and josh developed a mini 3-week challenge made up of stickers and a diet and exercise chart. The person who wins this challenge gets a 5 point lead in the next, bigger challenge. So far we are tied, which makes sense because we live together. I’d like to beat him though; he gets really frustrated when I beat him at anything. J

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Blogger Krissie said...

I'll miss you terribly!

I hope everything goes well i West Virginia! I was at the Huntington Mall last weekend and thought of you!

7:52 PM  

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