Billy Blanks-Fat Blasting Cardio

Me and Billy had a date this morning around 7am. I wasn't sure I had enough energy to give to him, but I made it for the entire 45 minutes. It felt good and it actually gave me a ton of energy for the day. I suppose the saying "give energy to get energy" is true.

I also ate three boiled eggs for breakfast which has given me even more energy.

I calculated my workout at 8 activity points for weight watchers. Meaning I can eat 8 more points for the day. I feel weird eating those points, unless I work out a lot. It's kind of like eating what I burned off. Do other people out there in blog land (that follow weight watchers) actually use these? I feel like a ham actually using them, but feel more motivated to say I gained activity points for the sake of having them.

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Blogger Megan said...

I like to use my activity points as "overdraft protection" if I go over for the day. My leader claims that if you eat all of your flex pts & all of your activity pts that you will lose weight. He's had success with that frame of mind. It is hard to believe though, isn't it?
Congrats on your a.m. workout. I love Tae Bo!

11:15 PM  
Blogger Susie said...

Hiya! I'm just tracking my calories through FitDay but my husband is doing official Weight Watchers. He works out 3 days a week and gets a boodle of points on those days, but I'd say he eats part/all of the points only once in three. Usually he doesn't eat them. He's lost about 8 pound a month for the past 3 months doing that, and I don't think he wants to change it yet.

4:31 PM  

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