Scale Trickery

This is probably really obvious, but this morning as I was weighing myself I noticed that in one spot of the bathroon I weigh 279.5 and then another part I weighed 285. It probably has something to do with leveling, but I thought it was interesting either way.

Also I'm learning that I can be full on less food. Lightbulbs are going off everywhere my friends.

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Blogger The EYE said...

Full on less food - that's some seriously good progress! That's the trick of the whole thing... training your stomach and brain to realize that you don't need quite so much food.

Somehow seems like an odd thing to congratulate you on... but congratulations! It will do a lot towards helping with weight loss.

Oh, and yea, leveling in the room will do more than you think. Put the scale somewhere (anywhere), and weigh yourself; then weigh yourself standing with your toes and front half of your foot standing on the back end of the scale (heels off the scale), and then again with the front half of your feet hanging halfway off the front of the scale (standing with your heels right next to the numbers). They'll all be different - you'll probably be lighter with just the front of your feet on the back of the scale, and probably heavier with your heels by the numbers.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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