Starting over: again

How many times have I started over in this blog? Too many in the past two years! I have been steadily trying to lose weight for some time now, but it continues to come back and I fall off and then I get back and then change my mind. So inconsistent.

Anyhow, sometimes I worry too much about what people will think about the stuff I post. And I have to realize how silly that is and just do what I need to do.

I got on the scale this morning and it read 275, I was 272 the other day and 270 just last week. I know it is mostly water retention, but yeah.

My goal weight is 135 and basically I'm not going to break it up into small goals. I have been looking through Pasta Queens archives and I really like her attitude towards weight loss, she didn't stop and when she did she kept going until she met her goal to be half of her old self.

I'm not going to post food logs, but I will mention the food I eat from time to time and I will post about exercise and just general observations. I will also log my weight every Sunday morning with how much I've lost and how much I've got to go until I'm at my goal weight.

I know that I am still pleased with myself that I'm still not the 320 that I was when I first moved to NYC and although I could have lost much more in the past two years, I've pretty much stayed in the 270's for a long time. Which isn't my goal, but I also know it could be a lot worse. So I basically refuse to beat myself up for not being less, instead I'm patting myself on the back for not weighing more.

My plan:
1,500 calories with 500 flexible calories a week

My scheduled gym time is 2pm every day with a couple of days off a week

When I slip up I'm going to get right back to my plan the next day. Slip ups will happen.

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Blogger Stacy said...

You can do this. Hang in there and just keep getting up!! I just started a week ago and have lost 3.8 pounds. You have already accomplished soooo much... So you know you can do it. Good luck girl!!

11:58 AM  
Blogger ZAYNA said...

I think that for those of us who do small goals the larger goal still looms in the back of our minds. The reason why I do it is because it keeps me motivated. Each time I mark a 10 pound goal I work harder at my eating and workouts because I don't want to mess up the momentum. I know that the big number that I want to lose is 120 pounds : )
You (and I) have the power to do this right in our wonderful feet. WE are strong and able. DON'T GIVE UP!!! I'm cheering for you.

2:41 PM  
OpenID justoofat said...

You *can* do it... and I'm sure you'll find a way that works for you. Just remember that you've got plenty of people cheering you on.


8:33 PM  
Blogger FAT BRIDESMAID said...

Kickin' it old school style -- I like it! Relax and just GO. You'll do great. And I think I speak for many when I say I'm so glad you're "back." We've missed you woman!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Marianna said...

You're well on your way to reaching all your goals. Congratulations on having lost *fifty* pounds overall- that's a huge achievement and it obviously shows your hard work and determination. You're doing a great job, and you're inspiring all of us along the way!

4:25 AM  
Blogger Krissie said...

I am so proud of you! I'm on day one again as well!

8:01 PM  
Anonymous emiglia said...

You have a great attitude! A lot of people give up after a "bad day," but one bad day won't kill you. Heck, I've lost weight on weeks when I had a bad day just because I was able to get right back on the horse afterwards and keep going. Good luck!

4:25 AM  

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