Ground Chicken and others

I had my week two weigh in and I'm down another 1.8 lbs. Isn't that weird, the same loss two weeks in a row. Thats a total of 3.6 for me so far. Mr. Josh was down 3.6 lbs! Go him!

I thought I lost more and was shocked it was only 1.8, but I'll take it because honestly if I wasn't doing this I could very much be up 1.8lbs.

I've been using my points more wisely this week, which is a hard lesson to learn. I tend to eat a meal of point dense foods and it leaves me with less points in the evening making it hard not to dip into the 35 extra points I get a week. This week, I'm saving my flex points for my moms visit and our work dinner.

My mom is visiting! I'm so excited to take her around the city and make breakfast for her. My mom has a way of making things feel warm and cozy. The summer before I moved to NYC she spent the night with me every weekend for about four weeks helping me pack and just hanging out. I really loved that time we spent together.

I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. One because of the three days off of work, and two because I'm going to tackle making a traditional spread. I've never made a turkey before or sweet potatoes, but it should be interesting. I'm getting all Martha and planning the menu and place cards. It will be too much food for three people, anyone in the area want a thanksgiving meal?

And finally ( I think), I made a great dish last night that some of you might enjoy. It was similar to baked steak, but I used ground chicken. Sometimes I find ground chicken to be tough and bland, but this was tender and very wonderful served with mashed potatoes. Plus, it was only 9 points for one serving of chicken and mashed potatoes.

I don't know what to call it...Baked Chicken "Steak"
Who knows!
1 lb. ground chicken breast
2 egg whites
1/2 cup seasoned bread crumbs
add your preference of other spices, I used garlic, salt and pepper

Mix ingredients with your hands and form into 4-5 4oz. patties
Heat a large pan with 1tablespoon of olive oil
Begin to cook patties on both sides, squashing a little with a spatula to thin out
Then add one can of cream of mushroom soup, one can of cream of chicken soup (you can use reduced fat for fewer calories and points!), and a 1/2 can of water (you may want more as the water evaporates)
Cover with a lid and let simmer for about 20 minutes
5 points per serving

Off to work! Have a lovely and healthy Tuesday!

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Blogger Heather said...

hey 1.8 is great! Every bit helps and you will get there.

7:58 PM  
Blogger FAT BRIDESMAID said...

YUM! I'm psyched to try this one out. And congrats on the loss! To Josh too!

10:51 PM  
Blogger honib1 said...

hmm that sounds yum.. congrats on the weight loss! and your tgiving meal sounds great.. much luck with that..

4:26 PM  
Blogger Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on another weight loss! Good for you!

The recipe looks yummy. Thanks for sharing! And good luck with the Thanksgiving meal! I'm sure everything will turn out great!

3:37 PM  

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