losing weight again

I'm here. Blogging has gone from something I do daily to something that I've put on my to do list. That isn't what I intend, but sometimes it happens temporarily. Like other weight loss blog absences that I've had, this one does not involve lots of food. I'm actually losing weight! Woo.

I'm in my second week of weight watchers, and I have to say its a lot easier doing this with Josh. We are both counting, watching and avoiding. We actually had a conversation last night that was like "it was a bit harder today, I wanted more food". So its nice to share thoughts like that with someone I live with. He takes the program very seriously, so I know I'm working with someone who won't give up, or let me give up. He actually has about 20lbs to lose. My mom asked "why is he going? I bet they wanted to kick him out!"

Yesterday, I forgot to take my lunch to work again and I really really wanted pizza. Instead, I went and had a manicure, talked myself out of the pizza and got a salad and flat bagel.

I truly believe that its the times when I tell myself "no" and reroute my old habits, that makes me stronger to not even want to consume junk the next time. Its almost as if I am stockpiling all of these "no" points, like an army that stands behind me when I'm ready to cave in.

I think my lack of blogging lately is a result of feeling that I need to do less talking and more doing. I have a new layout in works and will be moving to word press soon as well. I want to continue documenting my weight loss+goals, I just want to have more action for now.

I'm going to blog more often, I'm just going to spend less time (for now) documenting everything.

My first weigh-in was pleasant, I'm down 1.8 pounds and that is even with a few getting back on track food blunders. Its getting a lot easier this week, now I just need to get to the gym!

There is always a battle with me that cannot decide if I should go in the mornings before work or in the evenings after work. I'd like to get back into a groove of going. When I started kickboxing, I went for two months at 8:30pm every monday and wednesday. Now, I'm finding excuses for not going. I really want to move past my excuses and start doing things even if I don't feel like doing them.

As far as a goal, I would really like to reach 240 by my birthday on March 14th. 240 is a size 20 for me, and I actually have a pair of size 20 jeans that I wore after following the Atkins plan. I will be 240 by March 14th...damnit!

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Blogger Lily T said...

I’m glad that you have lost weight. It’s easier when you have someone doing it with you, which is why I blog. But I’ve heard that face-to-face support is more effective than virtual, so you’re lucky.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

you are lucky that you have someone to do it with you because having that support makes the whole process better. Good for him and for you!

Saying "no" is is hard but it gets easier over time.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can do it!

Lately I've been craving pizza too, but I find that if I just give it 5-10 minutes, I usually get distracted by something else.

9:54 AM  

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