Stats for Friday September 7th

3 eggs
5 slices of turkey bacon

lots of fruit at work: grapes, melon, strawberries, pineapples, kiwi etc.

crab meat sushi

boston hand roll

california hand roll

two slices of baguette dipped in olive oil

4 pita squares dipped in tzatziki

grilled chicken caesar salad

Weight: 277.5
Exercise: Didn't go to the gym, but did a lot of walking this morning

Notes: Everything was pretty good food wise. I want to work on smaller portions and stopping when I'm full. The salad was good, but they put too much dressing on it, next time will ask for it on the side. Would like to schedule for gym time either before or after work. Chugging along :) oh, and whats up with the 3lb increase from yesterday?

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Anonymous Lady Rose said...

Weight fluates, sometimes for no reason - I ended up with a 2.5 gain this week for no reason. The important thing is to eat healthy and stick with it.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose (71 weeks so far 90lbs lost, a mere 60ish to go)

5:15 AM  

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