its getting hot in here

Soooo...Its 6:30 am and I'm up packing for my trip to WV today. I'm such a procrastinator. seriously, I got home last night and watched the office and ate pizza with josh and calculated how much sleep I would get if I went to bed at 10 and got up at 5 am versus staying up and then getting up later. I chose going to bed at 10am. Here I am with my laundry whirling in the basement, trying to figure out what jewelry and shoes to pack. Good lord, its hard to pack for 8 days, I want to bring everything! Sigh.
My stomach is very upset this morning with the arrival of the period. bleh. I need to take some advil and eat some shredded wheat. My eating has been o-kay this week, to say the least. I had cheese pizza last night. Ever add garlic and basil to pizza? so good!
I feel like while I dont want to be on a diet, its a bit hard for me to rely on my brain to pick the best foods when faced with bad foods. I think for awhile it will be best to calculate calories. Spark people says i need about 1800-2000 a day to lose weight. Thats a good amount, but I also weight a lot.
I'm bringing work out clothes and shoes for when I'm in WV. I'd like to challenge myself to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
So anyway, I have a bit of anxiety about the plane ride, or it could just be the upset stomach. I sent a letter to continental about my concern with fastening the seatbelt. Here is what I got back:
Dear Ms. Burger:

Thank you for contacting Continental Airlines.

I share you situation. I have requested a seat belt extension for you in your reservation. You will have to mention it to the flight attendant when boarding. They are always good about letting you use one. I have to use one too.

If you travel often, there is a website where you can purchase your own if you are embarrassed about asking to borrow one.



Teresa Marsh
Continental Airlines

Please visit our website at www.continental.com or contact us at 1-800-525-0280, if you require further information.

So thats, that. Wish me luck, I'm off to WV.
PS: the title...the heat in our apartment makes it like 90 degrees in here

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