Yesterday, today, and full body

Yesterday's food was another everything bagel the same as on friday w/ orange juice and then later on that evening I had steamed vegetables with white rice a little garlic sauce and some shanghai noodles w/ meat.

Today I had a bowl of quaker oatmeal cereal, not the hot kind. I forget what its called, but it looks like shredded wheat. With 1% milk (Josh got this on accident) and then for dinner I had a Gyro (pita, beef, lettuce, tomatoe, onion, yogurt sauce) a salas with feta and about half of the fries given to me (note to self: skip fries, or this meal in the future...i was in the bathroom for 10 minutes when we got home [not that you cared to know that]) We also walked 20 blocks and 2 long blocks to the UPS store down the road.

I had Josh take some photos of me. I didn't cringe too bad, but its pretty obvious where all my weight likes to hang out. The really bad photos are when someone catches me sitting down and its a side angle! oo lord. Anyway...Here I am at 292.5 lbs...
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and here
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look good!!! how much weight have you lost?!! i cant wait to see you!!! 1 more day!!

7:44 PM  

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