the best sandwich ever

Last night after I posted I ate 4 of those party bread slices of pumperknicle bread with a wedge of cheese spread. Our pantry is growing bare and I feel it would be a waste to shop for groceries until I am back in Brooklyn on the 28th. I'm gettin anxious about going away for so long, I want to try to relax and enjoy myself as much as possible. I just can't help, but feel that I should be here in NY with Josh and working. I really want to see my family and friends and I'm looking forward to that. I wish I could transplant everyone here sometimes. The holidays in my house are truly about food and parties and family. I am going to enjoy the food just not in mass quantities. I'm not a fan of "dieting" and I'm feeling really good about my decision to lose weight without a diet and being mindful of what I eat.
This blog really helps me to write out what I feel or what is going on and to have a place to vent worries and concerns along with celebrations.My goal for this week is to exercise and to lose 2 lbs.
This morning I had the best sandwich ever. I love sandwiches. I had two fried eggs, fried in olive oil spray on ciabata bread with olivio and a slice of mozzarella cheese.
I meet with my acting coach tonight after work. I'm a bit nervous about that. Not so much the actual meeting, but the commute getting there. I know the area pretty well, but it still makes me a bit nervous for some reason.

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also olivio is the kick ass monkey of life. praise be!

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