two week goal on a thursday

Last night we went to the gym after making calls for Obama. Big props to Josh for saying "lets wear gym cloths so we can go afterwards". Sometimes I take a book to the gym, but mostly just my ipod and this time it was both.

I tell you, I was on the elliptical for over 80 minutes last night sweating and reading. After what seemed like 30 minutes I asked Josh how long we had been working out and he said 75 minutes so far. What? Thats crazzzyyy. So, I thought by not a little longer? So that was cool and nice that I got lost in my book without falling off the machine. I will say that I work more vigorously with upbeat music playing. And that reminds me to change my play list, its dragging.

So as of today I've started doing mini two-week challenges with my one my long time known for forever bestest friends. I like doing challenges with my friends and I like the idea of two weeks at a time and setting mini-goals.

Basically we're record our progress on a point system which looks like this:

exercise: 2 points for every 30 minutes,
2 points for following your calorie needs for the day,
2 points for posting what you eat on a daily basis,
1 point for making a blog entry,
5 points for meeting two week non-weight related goal
10 points for meeting two week weight loss goal

Start Date: today end date: November 6th
My calorie range is: 1,500-1,800 calories
My start weight is: 278.5 My two-week goal is: 270 (I don't advocate trying to lose over 8 lbs. in two weeks, but my weight has been dramatically up and down lately which makes me feel that 4 is just water weight- we'll see)
My non-weight loss related goal is to exercise at least five days a week for one hour

There isn't an official prize for the person with the most points, but its nice to win because you get the reward of being healthier. I'm going to reward myself for reaching my two week goal(s) with a pair of fingerless gloves or something else along those lines.

You can follow her progress here: Jas Loses Weight

You can follow me here, of course and if you want to join along just leave me a comment.

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Blogger Tina said...

Way to go at the gym! That's why I like the elliptical so much more than the treadmill. I sometimes even close my eyes and listen to the music. I tried that on the treadmill once and almost killed myself! If you keep this exercise up you'll have no problem reaching your goals. s

10:20 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Way to go at the gym. Distractions definately make the time go faster! I love the mini goals and both of you blogging. I love good weight loss blogs.

2:08 PM  

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