January 5th Food Entry and Quote of the day

Ralph Marston:
Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

I can really feel a difference lately now that I've been recording my food intake.
In the past I've been so crazy about recording food and calories that it would end with my face in ice cream. I feel good that I've finally allowed myself to feel hungry and eat normally and not obsess and feel like im eating too much or too little. I don't feel like I'm trying to lose 50 lbs in a month or restrict my food so much that I'm starving at 1,200 calories. I've done this in the past and it never works, and I don't believe it works for anyone long term. Why? Because I'm still fat.

According to my weight and activity I can eat close to 4,000 calories and not gain and most people can maintain with moderate activity well over 1,500 calories. My boyfriend Josh who weighs about 160 can eat about 2,400 calories a day and not gain, he can eat more with exercise. Knowing how much you can eat, and factoring in how much you actually eat and then decreasing each day even down to 1800-2000 (like me, if you weigh what I weigh) will show weight loss at about 2 lbs a week (which factors out to 112lbs a year, and honestly, thats great! The year is gonna pass anyway right? might as well lose 112 lbs :) ).

Until recently, I thought I had to starve to lose weight and eat raw veggies all day, this isn't the case. This is why its important to me to write what I eat to show myself and other people that weight loss doesn't have to be painful and hard. It can be done. I got on the scale this morning and jumped off screaming in joy (making the cat very scared of me) when I noticed that I am going down. I peaked, I couldn't help it! So, I must get better at this whole exercise thing. I was thinking that mornings would be the best time for me to exercise.

I suppose my point about the calorie thing is to go find out how many calories you can eat and still lose weight (with some exercise). I recommend sparkpeople.com (again haha) to find this out.

Food Today (so far)
Everything bagel (seeing a trend? I bought some frozen ones) 360
lunch (packed):
turkey sandwhich: turkey, provolone, artisan bread, light mayo, romaine- 400
Kashi TLC Bar- 140
Apple- 50-80 (will look this up as well)
Banana-80-100 (will look this one up)
corn on the cob w/ olivio- 110
salad with garlic cesar dressing- 160
grilled cheese sandwich (provolone, swiss, tomato, olivio, artisan bread)-500
carnation instant breakfast-200
total calories: 2220

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