hello blog, it's me Lorrie

I am officially the worst blogger updated in the entire world. Or something along those lines, did you know that there is a blog campaign out there called :Blogging Without Obligation:? Yup, apparently other people were feeling guilty about not blogging so they created a group to not feel guilty. However, this is a weight loss blog and keeping it updated is important.

I get into these grooves where I mentally over exagerate tasks to the point that I can't even make time to do them. Why has my blog turned into a task? It hasn't and shouldn't, I started this for accountability, for fun, to try out new things. Oh, and for me. I keep forgetting that this is my blog, yet I keep worrying what other people will think. Gasp. I'm so weird about everything sometimes.

So, now I'm blogging and it is planned out and it is very random. And that is okay. Breathe.

So, basically I gained 4 lbs. over the holidays which I lost (according to weight watchers) I went to a meeting the Saturday before last and weighed in at 286.6 lbs. Missed last Saturdays weigh-in and now will probably miss again this week because I am going to DC (woo!.) So, me and the Josh have been waking up at 7am this week to go to the gym. Which is a lot nicer than going after work. I went to the gym twice last week and thats it. Baby steps.

Why is everything that I want to do such a big deal? I mean why do I make the easiest things so much harder on myself? There are people that do things without planning it out, and agonizing over it. They just get it done. And I on the other hand, feel like I have to plan out every detail of my life before I even think about doing it. For example, if I need to do the dishes instead of doing them, I feel like I have to think about it first, write it down, put it on a to-do list and then allocate time for doing them. Its really ridiculous the amount of time I waste not doing anything except for planning.

This week I've been pushing myself to do things even if I feel like I need to plan them. It's very uncomfortable to me, but its important. So that is why I am here blogging. Ideally I'd like to start doing daily food and exercise recording. Its coming. Maybe today? We'll see. I even missed my own blog event last week. How sad is that?!?

Okay, I'm going to stop feeling guilty now. Note: get out of head. Second Note: Just do it! (Thanks Nike)

Good things (thanks Martha): Am the good kind of sore from working out this week.
More good things: eating better

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Blogger Blue Light Special said...

I'm on weight watchers too, but online. I started on New Years day, after gaining a few over the holidays too. Its so hard to lose weight over the holiday season, or even avoid tempations! I share some of your feelings, sometimes its like the weight loss is so slow. But I'm trying to stick w/ my WW points and hopefully that pays off.
So I'm new to blogging, but I saw your site and wanted to say Hi!
Stop by my blog sometime: http://ndyw-tallahassee.blogspot.com/

8:42 PM  
Blogger FAT BRIDESMAID said...

Woo! Glad you're back, girl! Don't be so hard on yourself.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Madeline Rose Boutique said...

Great website.
I feel the same way.
please check out my blog and let me know what you thing

5:09 PM  
Blogger Lily T said...

I have the same issues…exactly. I get overly into things to the point of having no time, than I get permanently out of them and regret it. For this year, I hope to strike some kind of balance.

I also overly plan. On top of that I procrastinate AND become frozen with indecision over little things like SHOULD I wash dishes or should I do something else. Then I do dishes and stop in the middle, because I change my mind and think something else should be done first. My other goal is to also “Just do it”.

Good luck to you.

4:48 PM  

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