Conflict of Interest and the Battle of the Fittest

My indecision about diets, food choices and exercise takes up more time and energy than it should. I wonder if the carbs, sugar, chemicals and hormones are all setting up a internal war with my body. I wonder if eating fresh produce that isn’t organic, chemically injected lean meats, or mercury riddled tuna has the same effects nutritionally as a diet full of Doritos and Twinkies. I worry that if I don’t peddle as fast as I can on the stationary bike with resistance that the workout didn’t count. Or if I don’t get my heart rate up to a certain speed, the workout wasn’t efficient and fat burning. I just wonder, how can I make sound nutritional advice when everything about diet and exercise is a contradiction?

First I hear that alcohol is bad and then I read a story where scientists say that the alcohol in fruity drinks make the absorbency and effectiveness of the fruit even more, uh special? I hear about pesticides and cancer causing chemicals in fresh fruits, meats and processed foods. I read that simple carbohydrates are the cause of obesity and then read that even white bread is a part of a balanced diet. What are the best possible answers and choices? Then I read that moderation is the key and then that a stricter diet is best. What do “they” consider moderation? Small bits of junk or fast food daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

It seems that the answers to my questions depend on the person answering.

Sometimes I feel like everything is set up to prevent aging, cancer, disease and untimely death. I think of my Great Aunt Bob (aka: Valley) who is now 86, and in relatively good health considering her age. She spent a good deal of her life being moderately active with her garden and maintained a healthy weight for her height. She eats eggs, bacon, fruits, vegetables, butter (even margarine) meats, lard, jellies, and cheeses. She has been unprotected in the sun more than a few times in her life, she never had children, and she was into makeup (more chemicals-working as an Estee Lauder counter lady), nail polish, hair dye, and permanents for more than half of her life. Her parents died of old age, but she has two sisters that died of cancer (one of them my grandmother). So, my question is what is really the deciding factor here?


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Blogger Lily T said...

All these studies and findings can get so confusing! I’ve heard that Dr. Dean Edell has been good at deciphering the research.

7:41 PM  
Blogger FAT BRIDESMAID said...

I wish I had the answer... I think we all do. But if it helps, I waste my time thinking/worrying about the same stuff. All I want is for the world as whole to agree and say, "THIS! This is the way to do it!"

Dare to dream...

11:50 PM  

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