End of Week one: Atkins

I made it past the first week of Atkins. I lost 1.5 lbs and Josh lost 4. I think I did a couple of things wrong this week which slowed down the weight loss, but I can’t complain. I need to eat more vegetables, which is obvious. But, also I think next weekends weigh in will be really good. I started this whole weight loss journey dedicated to a constant and slow loss.

I am happy about a few weight loss related discoveries. The first one is sweating which I talk about way too much. I went out Saturday afternoon with a co-worker and walked in 70 degreeish weather, and no sweat. I wasn’t even overheating. Don’t worry, I still sweat a little, and I’m sure more is to come as it gets hotter, but even last fall in 50-60 degree weather I would sweat a lot so its nice to not over heat as easily.

I also notice that my waist is slowing shrinking inward and that my overall shape is shrinking. I really look forward to being in the 260’s soon.

All in all, Atkins was tough for me this week, but its getting easier…a lot easier. Its really helpful to have Josh as a support system through all of this with me even though he is at a healthy weight. He reminds me not to complain and to just keep going when I’m tempted with bread or whatever, he said “just pretend you live in a world where carbohydrates (bread, dessert etc.) doesn’t exist” and “its just food, eat when you’re hungry and move on”. I like to dwell and get stuck mentally over things and feel sorry for myself. He gives me a kick in the pants when that happens. So thank you to him.

Also, I find that its easy to get in the mentality of “why am I doing this?” and “I just don’t care anymore, I want to eat like “normal” people!” I found those thoughts lurking around the corner which in the past I would have let defeat me. But, the weather and being outside reminded me of my goals and where I want to go.

It’s nice to wear smaller clothes, and to go outside and walk without sweating gallons of water. I guess I have a lot of thoughts right now that are hard to verbalize, but I feel good that since the end of January even though I’ve “fallen off the wagon” a few times for birthdays, work stuff, holidays and just cravings…I never stopped thinking that I wasn’t losing weight, I just keep going. Sometimes my initial reaction to eating badly is to continue with it or feel like I have to starve myself the next day, but instead of either I just pick back up the next day.

I know this all very elementary and simple, but relieving to me that I’m slowly starting to get it.


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Blogger Glossy said...

You sound so positive right now - you're doing really well. Great loss, keep up the good work.

2:23 PM  

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