Lifetime Movie- To be fat like me

I heard about this movie awhile ago, maybe on a commercial or on the internet and was curious to see it. So I downloaded it on itunes recently and despite being a Lifetime movie it wasn't that bad.
I don't have much thought for or against it, but some parts were obvious and others were surprising. The main character an attractive, soft ball player puts on a fat suit to prove that she would still be liked regardless of being fat if she had the same personality. She goes to summer school at a new school (to stay undercover) and gets moo'ed at on her first day (people do this?). She befriends another fat girl and her thin guy-friend (the cute "alternative rocker" guy that the fat girl has a crush on, of course) and they all hang out until they discover she is really thin and recording them on her video recording glasses. All the while she is dating the stud at her old school, yelling at her mom about her weight, and crying. I'm a sucker for bad teenage drama, so I enjoyed it.

I think the movie touches on a lot of stereotypes and stays away from the "woe is me, i'm fat" message and its not overly predictable-yet still some hard to believe scenarios. The whole time I was thinking "can't they see that her face looks like it is melting off??!"

Check it out:

To be fat like me

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Blogger Kriss said...

I got moo'ed at in high school. 17 years ago, and I can still feel the burning sting of shame.

And again on my honeymoon, 5 years ago. (Actually, I didn't get moo'ed at that time . . . but the girl did say I was a cow.)

Mean people suck.

8:47 PM  

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