The existence of happiness and anger

Pssst...I'm in the 270's now! woo...official weigh-in Sunday.

There really is something exciting and hopeful when you enter the lower section of digits on the scale. It means you're doing something right and your body acknowledges it. This week I've had a better plan with my points. I am eating less of them in the morning pre-after work hours leaving me with 15-20 after work, usually I will eat them, but I have to tell you I could stop eating sooner because of feeling full, but I don't want to go to bed on a 1,000 calorie day. My points equal about 1,800 calories which is what I need to lose about 2 lbs a week. I don't feel deprived or hungry at all and that makes me the most happy.

I am pre PMS at the moment and like some women I have a bad combination of cravings and rage. Sometimes, I feel weird even mentioning what PMS and periods in general do to me mentally and physically, mostly because it feels like I'm using this as an excuse. I had cookies the other night that Josh made me, two large ones. I practically begged him to make them for me, but its hard to explain those things along with the moodiness to men when they generally have no idea. I think bad PMS runs in the family, you really do not want to cross my mom or sister in this time.

I say this because last night after watching fast food nation I became increasingly angry over things that already bother me. Not just the meat industry, but large corporations and the seemingly lack of thinking in a lot of Americans regarding legislation, big business and the food industry.

I was discussing this with Josh last night about indigestion. Have you ever watched the commercial where the four over weight guys are shoveling down grease at their local diner and then are in pain so instead of thinking "hey, this food is shit for me and makes me sick, I will continue to eat it...as long as I have Tums!". That attitude about food in general, really gets me down- mostly because I have been there and now I see it from another point of view. I haven't eaten at any major fast food chains in the last seven months except for Wendy's when I went to WV for Christmas. And coincidentally for the two days after that I was throwing up what seemed like the entire lot of my organs.

You could say I am angry. I'm angry at my own stupidity and the ignorance of others when it comes to food.

It bothers me when I hear women say "oh my husband loves fast food, and doesn't eat vegetables", why is this? What kind of society are we raising our children in that they have lost their palettes to natural food. I get enraged when I see parents feeding their children chips, coke, twinkies, and mcDonalds. Why has it become okay to eat poison? Why do women not eat (or have a hard time eating) healthy foods because their husbands don't like "healthy food". (Have I ever mentioned that I loath word "hubby" ack). He has two hands, no?

I'm also tired of hearing fat people blame everything under the sun for their weight besides themselves. I've heard the old one "healthy food is too expensive?". Really? Because I'll tell ya, when I lived in WV I spent a whole hell of a lot of money on food. Why? I was eating a lot more than I do now. The last time I checked bread, fruit, vegetables and lean meats were not that expensive. I think the saddest thing about this thought process is that it will cost more money in the long run treating illness from a lifetime of eating poison.

I’m still not sure what my thoughts are on eating meat. I can say that my beef consumption is rare to never. Taking care of ones self is not a trend or fad or some nutty ideas hippies and Bill Maher (heart him) had, it’s everyone’s reality. I feel like I can’t express these feelings with a lot of people because it’s such a hot topic, but I think its just simple logic and thinking. I want to tell everyone I know and care about to stop eating the crap at fast food places and not worry that they will be offended.

I still eat crap, just better versions and less of it. I don't crave fast food ever and to me that is half the battle.

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Blogger Lily T said...

I'm with you! Grrrr!

But I still take my kids to McDonald's every once in a while. Okay. More than I should. It just seems so convienent. But I make my kids chose between juice and milk. No soda!

2:15 PM  

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