weigh-in in three hours

So this will be my first official return weigh-in at weight watchers. Im curious, excited and nervous as to what the scale will read. I dont even want to eat anything before I go, haha. my scale this morning reads 291.5 and Im a bit frustrated by this because my ankles are quite swollen this morning. Im retaining water like a uh well like a person that retains water! I didn't exercise once this week, unless you count a few walks here and there and my daily commute to work. Im a bit disappointed that I let other factors such as cleaning get in the way of exercise. I've had a habit since college where i would skip out on work, school, and activity for hopes to "get organized this time" and then start living. Its a bit sad that I continue this cycle. I want to beat this. Im considering paying for a house cleaner...its gotten to that point.

After weight watchers im going to sit down and evaluate the things that keep me from working out and change them before tomorrow even begins. I dont want to flounder, but I continue to do it. Everyone does things because they get something out of it.

I missed my acting class yesterday because I was feeling physically miserable, I feel very guilty about this, it brings back memories of how guilty I would feel when I would skip class in college.

Don't forget that you can track what I eat daily on the side-bar to the right. I pretty much update it daily or try to.

Something else that I would love in life is a well-stocked food supply at all times. I know this sounds silly, but Im buying a lot of natural perishable foods -which is very good, but they also are gone very quickly because I dont want them to go bad. I basically have to give in that i will have to go grocery shopping every week. Its a bit expensive here, and its not as easy as it used to be. I actually have to consider that im carrying these things home before I buy them and the selection isnt always that great. There is also freshdirect.com but that seems expensive to me. Perhaps I have a weekly food stipend for 50$ on fresh direct and I can plan out my meals for the whole week. hmm, that sounds pretty good to me right now. Thanks for listening bloggy :)

So uh, yes, I will buy myself a weight watchers friendly treat to last one week and only allow myself one after I exercise. I want to get in the 280's this week...damnit! I'll post my grocery list soon peeps. I totally said peeps.
Love, Lorrie

PS: Im thinking about creating a line of weight-loss inspired art work, what do you think?

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