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You may notice that the banner now says Girls instead of girl. My friend Ashley will now be making posts, updating her stats, journaling her food and exercise. I'm so excited and proud of her. So now this blog has been expanded and I think that is great.
I will also start including weekly full-body updates to show progress.

I am excited about my weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Sunday, because I am weighing myself at home and I'm seeing loss almost daily. Which is exciting because I feel like I'm headed in the right direction and I don't feel overwhelmed like I have in the past to lose weight quickly.

I had a lovely conversation last night with Josh and I was comparing my weight loss to his internet business, I told them that if 4 (or 5 or whatever) years ago I had said to myself "okay, Im going to take this seriously, im not in a rush to lose weight" I could be in a different place today. I don't have regrets, but my point is I've wasted a lot of time in my life trying a diet that I couldn't live with long term and would always go off of, no matter what...eventually. Even if I lost once, it always came back. It came and went, and I was following the same patterns. These patterns were leading me to many failed attempts. I kept saying "tomorrow", "after this holiday", "when things are less stressful", "when all the junk food is gone". The only thing I actually lost was self-respect. When I heard the words "life change" I would get scared and think "no more lovely wonderful gooey delicious food?!?! ahhhh" and then find a quick-fix diet to avoid the problem.

I'm not changed forever, but in the last week, I haven't felt deprived because I havn't been, I'm not restricted to a certain type of food, only the portion. I feel like I am making smarter choices. I like that I have 35 extra points a week that I can take or leave if I want or need something more that day and still lose and not feel like I totally ruined it. I don't feel like this is something I've gone on, to then get off of. I am interested to see how I feel in a month. Should be interesting, eh?

Yesterday I found some Weight Watchers/Whitmans coconut chocolate candy which I ate 7 off (1 point each) I couldn't stop because of their delcious nature. It was basically a mounds bar mini with a higher price tag, which I will remember next time. I bought two bags, and after I ate the 7 in the first one I have the 2nd bag to Josh and told him to only let me have one a day. I felt like his pet that he gives treats to. But, if you live with someone that can support you and eats healthy too it can mean the world to your success.

I feel like my environment here does not support my excessive weight. I don't work with people that relish in fried foods and overeating everyday. I don't live with someone who overeats or even eats junk food. I have to walk 10 flights of steps to and from work, which definantly does not support being fat. I am around thin people 95% more than fat people. I would feel like am outcast to overeat unhealthy food here, because it just doesn't happen (it does,of course, but not with the people I have met or spend time with). I think its important to identify your environment and see if there are factors that are keeping you fat, your job, your relationships, your car, the people you spend time with, or the tempting food in your house. For me, I had to realize that I could not have a lot of anything here because I will go for it everytime, if its good and quick. I will eat it. So, I just don't keep foods here that I will overeat. I can't tempt myself and have a box of crackers, chips, or any sort of quick fix around. No matter how good I feel right now, I will probably eat it, thats just an honest fact.

My co-worker is on a path to healthy eating and exercise as well. She doesn't have a huge amount to lose, maybe 30 or 40lbs, but she said some smart things to me yesterday. The first one was that she was tired of being sick and watching her sister continue to be sick and let her bad back, knees, high blood pressure and diabeties prevent her from living. She said to me " I don't want to wait until its too late to change, to stop being physically sick, to stop poisoning myself".

So to sum it up...

find a "diet" that works
create an environment that supports your goals
identify your weaknesses
boost self-esteem
think thin (IE: imagine where you see yourself in 6 months to a year, actually paint a picture in your head, write it down, draw it. Get it in your brain everyday)
Love yourself enough to stop the destructive cycles of physical sickness

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