Filtering the stresses

And a collective "Hi Ashley!"

My throat is sore this morning, which I would figure that it is my body warning me of how cold it is today. I just checked out weather.com and it says that it will feel like -2 on my way to work. I walk to work and take public transportation which means that my eye balls will probably freeze over by the time I get there. I'm known at my job for being the one who doesn't dress for the weather. Mostly because there is a lot of walking and climbing involved and if im wearing 10 pounds of wool on top of my 290-something pounds I will sweat, especially when I go from cold into a warm building. Today, is a different story.

Stress, I am feeling a bit of underlying anxiety right now. I have a bit of stress at work right now. Im trying to leave work at work. Im trying to manage my money. For the first time in my life, I make a decent income and I have enough for all of my bills with money left over, but for some reason I am so lost as to how to manage it all. Ive created spread sheets. Josh's advice "stop spending money. its ghetto to live paycheck to paycheck. Stop buying things until you have a cushion". A cushion? How adult. Oh god, I should really stop looking at etsy and all of these delicious websites that tempt me. They call out to me daily...buy me! I made a deal with myself...starting today, that the only things I buy that I dont need will be from the money I make from my articles on Associated Content. I say today, because I bought art supplies yesterday and uh...necklaces from forever 21...and maybe a print.

So managing stress, yes, it helps to come home to a cat to pet and a boyfriend to hug. exercise wouldnt be too bad though, would it? Im in the process of redecorating and arranging this apartment. yes, exercise, im getting there...I swear!

Food: will post yesterdays food this afternoon. For the past couple of days I havent brought my lunch to work (excuses, yes) and ordered from yummy taco the rice, spinach and chicken. Its too good. I mean too good, like it feels sinful. Although they say grilled chicken, I feel olive oil and its delicious. Its better than the nachos or very large burrito that usually order. So, Im making a bit of a pact that that when I eat out, I prepare before hand what Im going to order and know what exactly I am eating.

Something else that Im learning to do when I feel stress or anxiety, I try to remember that everyone goes through extreme highs and lows and that all of these things will not matter in 5 years (or even one year). What will matter is the life I lived, and the good stuff I did despite the small stresses in life. I want to filter what I let stress me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you knwo something that ive noticeda about myslef lately! well you know how i tried to do the rotation diet and failed. i realized that when i get overwhelm with one aspect of my life or really busy or anything that you can think of for an excuse.... i allow myself to eat and eat and eat. or just eat bad things like double stuff oreos. b/c lately ive been really busy with my classes and studying and what not and i just tell myself well just eat whatever and thats not good. and i let myself be lazy which ive been trying to not do this year. and i was doing pretty good for like 2 weeks but ive fallen back into the laziness. its sooo easy to do. and i know that working out and eating right makes me feel great but its like when im working really hard at one thing in my life i get lazy with that part of my life and then i feel bad about being lazy towards my health and well being and then i eat more b/c im upset with being lazy. haha so its a vicious cycle but i think that joining the "Y" will help! i mean hell if spending $94 dollars wont get me off my ass then i dont know what will!! lol!

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