Ashley- I've heard the curves has a really nice program, yet pricey, but good. Sometimes when something costs a lot I ask myself "what would I do instead if I didnt have the money?" and I like to ask myself "would I just not do it if I didnt have the money?" so the answers can be helpful in finding inexpensive ways to exercise. I'm finding that it isnt the exercise, or the expense, that has been keeping me from doing exercise, I feel a bit guilty as in I have a ton of things to catch up with around the apartment and I give a mellow dramatic sigh and toss my lazy ass on the bed. I really need to address this.

Netflix has some really nice exercise videos, and sometimes it helps to have a membership somewhere to give you extra incentive to leave the house and just move. I gave my treat bag to josh and i look forward to eating my one chocolate a day, like really savouring it instead of eating 15 of them, so I thought about adding a little initiative to it by telling him not to give me one until Ive exercised. Some people are able to barter with themselves, but Im too weak to do it on my own, I could see it now..."hmm, i should exercise before i eat my chocolate (insert excuse)...screw it, ill eat the whole bag and exercise tomorrow" haha and thats exactly how it will go.

So is it me or are things just alittle bit harder right before your period? Ive been talking about stress and honestly, my stress is minimal it just seems like everything is magnified. My skin breaks out, Im swollen, Im thirsty and I want chocolate. I feel fat and ugly and blotchy.

I learned a small lesson in bringing lunch yesterday: I brought tuna, berries, yogurt, and cheese. And while I love all of those things on a small level or with something great. I felt very sad and deprived eating all of them together. However, when I was getting up and making a nice chicken salad for my lunch or ordering grilled chicken...I did not feel deprived. Im finding that its better for me to eat warm foods because I enjoy them more than cold foods, is this strange? Im also finding that its better for me to eat one good proportioned (smart choice-food) meal that I like and fills me up instead of a lot of smaller things that I dont care for and leave me starving by the time i get home. And speaking of starving, do you see how much I ate yesterday when I got home from work?

And just to rant, my apartment building is so hot all the time! these old people that live here want it to be a hundred degrees all the time. Its better than being cold, but there are never any normal temperatures in any bulding in nyc. This is a proven scientific fact :) which is extra incentive to lose weight before the summer because global warming is in full swing and it gets sooo hot here and if im sweating (so not cute, ashley ahha) in the winter, you can only imagine what things will be like in the summer. It will look something along the lines of me doing my hair and makeup at work. Yesterday was one of the coldest days yet and by the time i left my apartment i was SWEATING. oh god, why do i sweat so much?

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