granola bar shame

Oh ashley, now you have that gold fishes song stuck in my head. bahh.

I have a confession to make...
I ate an entire box of granola bars at work today. It started so innocently, I used my WW point guide for week two titled "eating out" and saw that egg drop soup is low in points and an egg roll has 4 points. I got both and thought "I will stop in the store and get some granola bars" I usually keep these at my desk for mornings that I forget to eat breakfast and I keep the kind that are good, but not too appealing. I saw the low- fat chewy chocolate kind at 2 points each and thought that they would be great. Too great. So, needless to say I cannot have food around me that I really enjoy because I will eat all of it. And 20 of my points for the day went to granola bars.

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