meals, meals, meals.

it was a pretty good weekend. i did a lot of walking on saturday by shopping with my mom. my feet hurt by the end of it, so hopefully that counts as exercise. it had better.

i'm trying to plan my menu. i have to cater to my boyfriend, who doesn't eat vegetables, so it's sort of hard. this is what i have for the week:

sunday: baked chicken and rice bake -- skinless boneless chicken breasts, low-fat cream of chicken soup, chopped broccoli, and white rice baked in the oven. i'll eat this with a salad.

monday: monday is my boyfriend's night off, and we usually eat frozen pizza. frozen pizza is much better for you than take-out pizza. i'll cut down my usual number of slices and pair it with a salad.

tuesday:: whole-wheat penne with marinara sauce -- i picked up a jar of marinara with no high fructose corn syrup. i bought frozen little meatballs for my boyfriend. i'll eat two meatballs and serve with a salad.

wednesday: fake curried chicken and saffron rice -- this will not be the healthiest thing i make all week as i need a bit of olive oil to make it properly. basically, you marinate the chicken in an olive oil/lemon juice/curry marinade and then cook it up. serve on saffron rice with a bit of fat-free sour cream.

thursday: noodles and chicken -- one of my all-time favorite meals. egg noodles mixed with cream of chicken soup. i found a low-fat cream of chicken soup and whole-wheat egg noodles. i'll also throw some peas into mine.

lunches, i'm going to try to alternate between wraps made with whole grain flatout bread and salads. breakfast, i bought some kashi whole-grain oatmeal in a vanilla flavor. snacks, i have hummus, vegetables, sugar-free pudding and almonds.

so that's my week.

i've been researching exercise DVDs, too, since i don't have a treadmill and i live in an unsafe neighborhood (apparently, according to my mom).

lorrie, here's an easy dessert for you. it only has 2 weight watchers points. you need the jello sugar-free pudding (any flavor), cool whip lite, and skim milk. make the sugar free pudding with the skim milk. put the cool whip lite in a bowl, and then plop your sugar-free pudding on top. someone posted that they made the cheesecake pudding and put it in strawberry flavored cool whip, and added a couple graham cracker crumbles and it tasted like strawberry cheesecake. i intend to find out sometime soon :)

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