cheese pringles are the devil

today is a lazy day for me. my boyfriend had to go into work for a half-day today, so i'm sitting on the couch watching reruns of "full house". no lie. i haven't eaten anything yet today, though. i wanted a bowl of cereal, but my milk is spoiled. i don't understand it -- the date says february 1st, but it's sour already.

last night, i had a run-in with a can of cheese pringles. it's possible they will have to be destroyed.

i also called my local curves. i'm not a big fan of curves, but the ymca costs like, an arm and a leg around here. curves said it costs 75 dollars for the registration fee, and then like, 40 dollars after that per month. but then they said they had a deal for marshall students -- 99 dollars per semester. i'm tempted to tell them i'm still a marshall student.

tonight, we're going out to eat. i'll try to make appropriate decisions foodwise, like salads and grilled things.

lorrie, it's cute in a weird way that you sweat a lot.

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