new years mix up

Happy New Years! I hope you all had a really fun time last night! We stayed in and watched movies off and on and finished up some end of the year projects including Krissie's new customized blog banner which you can view here: Questions for Dessert. I had a lot of fun making this banner for her and happy that she is liking it so much!

This is my shameless plug for my etsy where you can buy one of my customizable blog banners :) : Inspiration to go.

So, its the first day of January and I know some of us are evaluating and making new goals for this year. Calling them resolutions or goals or achievements doesn't really matter, but I've joined forces with one of my best friends Ashley to create the2009project.net where you can find all of my goals for 2009.

My list is long and ambitious for me, but I'd rather try than not try anything at all. I've started working slowly on everything today and it feels good to have a clearer pathway. Josh has created his list of "quarter year" goals, which I really like and it has helped me to break down my year long goal into smaller chunks.

I got on the scale this morning 289.0. That is up from my last weigh-in of 286.5. Obviously from a lot of holiday eating with little exercise.

Today and yesterday my little goals were to clean out the junk. For the first time in a long time I went grocery shopping and did not buy one food item that is a trigger food for me. Even something seemingly innocent like white bread was off of the list. I could eat a whole loaf with tomatoes and mayonnaise in two days. I've been taking inventory of the food in the house and getting rid of or hiding in the back of the pantry closet anything that might not be a good idea to have around such as my baking supplies.

We also got a wii fit from my mom and dad for christmas and it is really fun. It is really diligent about keeping track of the days you use the machine, your weight and bmi scores. The workouts are challenging and it keeps track of how long you use the machine. According to wii fit my age is 35, ten years my senior.

This post is all over the place because I have a lot on my mind, but I also wanted to add that my sister had the lapband surgery on Monday and she is recovering really well. She did a lot of research before having the proceedure and I'm really proud of here for taking that step, its definantly not an easy decision. I look forward to celebrating her losses with her and hearing how her habits are changing.

Its also got me thinking about my own habits and making things more non-negotiable as far as weight loss goes. When you have a proceedure like that, overeating no longer becomes an option, and eating bad foods only makes you feel worse. I want to apply those same principles to my own weight loss efforts. I guess what I'm saying is, I would like to adopt some of her new habits by making my options limited as well. Making a healthier lifestyle non-negtiable. Does that make any sense?

Is it sad that sometimes I would like to create "food allergies" or pretend like I had the surgery to avoid food pressure from other people? There aren't people that pressure me to eat, but sometimes I get insecure about publicizing healthy habits because I feel like I've been trying to do this for so long that no one even believes I will stick to anything long-term.

Which brings me to a non-resolution resolution of talking about dieting in front of people. I have been really bad and annoying about this since I admitted to having a weight problem, which is why having a blog is really good for me. What I mean is, I am always broadcasting my new diet plan and if I've lost weight that I'm starting to realize that this is in bad taste. Or is it? What do you guys think, is it annoying when you're with people and they talk about what they are or aren't eating?

I've been to dinner with people who are on various diets and eating plans and sometimes I cringe when people proclaim "I'm not eating white bread", not because they aren't eating bread, but because they feel the need to tell everyone about. And I know I've done the same thing, and I realize how helpful it is to tell people about it. I was reading a book about "rules to live by" awhile ago and one of the rules was to never talk about dieting. So, again, good to publicily talk about dieting or bad?

Also, how do you guys feel about proclaiming you're working on losing weight to the same people you've talked about losing weight to a hundred times before? Do you ever feel self-conscious that they are thinking "yeah, something new and different for you, a diet!" *insert sarcasm*

And finally to this extremely long entry, I want to work on the "hows" to my weight loss. I want to lose 110 pounds this year. Period. But, that is easy to say. But how will I do it? Tomorrow I will be back with that answer.

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Blogger Lyn said...

I don't broadcast my eating patterns; I just answer if asked. I think that's best. Because then you know no one is rolling their eyes at you behind you back :)

5:29 PM  
Blogger gadgetgirl said...


Regarding your comment "Is it sad that sometimes I would like to create "food allergies" or pretend like I had the surgery to avoid food pressure from other people?"

I have food intolerances (means certain foods cause me nasty GI problems hours later versus a true anaphylactic reaction that causes an immediate problem) and thus I cannot eat anything with gluten, dairy, soy, yeast or coconut.

Trust me, people make just as many annoying comments about my special diet. They don't get that I can't even have just a little bit of one of those substances. There is also great ignorance about what substances are in our processed foods. I also get those who want to get way too personal about what my particular reactions are.

As far as weight loss goes, never stop trying. You will be successful one day as long as you keep trying. I weighed about what you did 8 years ago. I've struggled with my weight since age 5, I'm 47 now. Today I'm below 200 although I'm embarrassed to admit that I really should be around 170, but have regained 30 pounds over the past 2 years due to stress eating.

May 2009 be a good year for both of us!

6:00 PM  
Blogger FAT BRIDESMAID said...

I tend to keep my own dieting plans to myself, but mainly because I don't like the attention that seems to get focused on me once I say the words "I'm on a diet." My family knows when I'm focusing on eating healthier food and working out, but for everyone else I just keep it to myself and hope they'll catch on once they've heard me politely decline the offers for chocolate cake, deep fried pickles and the like.

Also? I'm totally with you on the whole food allergy/post-op side effects thing. I can't begin to count the number of times I've secretly wished for a horrible chocolate allergy or that my stomach would shrink five sizes magically overnight so I couldn't possibly overeat without making myself violently ill. But who knows? Maybe Oprah is right -- if we IMAGINE our stomachs being super tiny or lap-banded long enough maybe it'll actually start to feel that way.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous ashley said...

I don't necessarily think that there's any sort of problem talking about your diet. I've never had any sort of problem with your many mentions of your diet over the past bajillion years. If anything, it makes me want to do better with MY eating (except for that unfortunate phase you had with the Atkins diet, that diet just grossed me out).

But I am aware that I talk about food a lot - my coworkers and I talk about food more than anyone I've ever known, and it can get annoying to people who aren't into food as much as we are. When I was halfassing my calorie counting last March, my coworker and I became calorie nazis and talked endlessly about low calorie snacks, the perils of choosing mayonnaise over mustard, etc. etc. I know that it annoyed people in our area, but at the time, we were so wrapped up in it that we weren't aware of how we were affecting anyone else.

I hope you know my email is open whenever you want to talk about your diet :) And I'm glad to hear your sister is doing well!

(I used to pretend I had a food allergy to leafy greens like spinach and kale, green peppers and mushrooms because I hated them so much and people would look at me oddly when I said no to any sort of food with those in it, like because I'm fat, I want to eat every food available. But now me and spinach are okay to a certain extent. I am deeply embarrassed about this because I know that there are people out there who have REAL allergies and I am just crying wolf. Now I'm more secure in myself to say "Green peppers? blech. No thanks.")

7:48 PM  
Blogger Chews to Lose said...

I stopped sharing when I'm dieting just because I don't want to people to know/think I've failed yet again. I put far too much pressure on myself so I don't need any added pressure from them.

8:30 PM  
Blogger X.I.R said...

Why can't they leave us chubby people alone? I hate telling people I'm "dieting" because some of them act like its a challenge (and bring me even more treats). I now tell people at work if they don't get that food item away from me i am going to poke them in the eye. That seems to work well...

Good luck with your weight loss. I too am on a journey and am blogging about it.


9:07 PM  
Blogger Learning to be Less said...

I tell people if they ask. However, I have always enjoyed hearing about other people's diet and exercise plans. Whether they are successes or challenges. Sometimes it just takes discussing things with others to get a new perspective. Other people may have the same issues.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't broadcast I'm on a diet but I enjoy talking to people about it when the subject comes up. I'll admit when your on a roll losing weight your heads held up high and when you hit a rough patch your head is hanging low.

11:02 PM  
Blogger His Living Sacrifice said...

You are such a pretty girl!! Good that you are trying. The only failure is when we quit trying. Happy New Year! I am on an interesting weight loss journey. With the last stubborn 25 lbs to lose, I am seeking more of Him (God) and believing as a result, there will be less of me. Not just weight, but my selfish goals and ambitions.

((hugs)) and high fives atcha!

11:28 PM  
Blogger Hanlie said...

The banner you made for Krissie is fabulous!

Since nutrition is my passion, it's hard not to talk about it sometimes, but I've learned to keep my mouth shut in most situations - people already think we're weird!

Have a great 2009!

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Madam Tiny said...

Hello.I've just created a blog to collect interesting and really useful issues about weight loss for myself and the others.I would be thankful if you take a look at my blog and give me tips to make it better.

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about dieting is like talking about any project. A little is interesting, but it can get worn out if you stay on it too long. Generally, the more effort towards doing anything helps get it done, and we are all trying to practice good habits.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous sonia said...

with 2008's 40 pound loss, i kept my eating plan, and all excitement over weight loss to myself until people started to notice on their own. it took almost 11 months to get to that point, and by then - my changes had become absolute habits, and not week long (or day long!) declarations of change.

best of luck, and Happy New Year!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Ambra said...

hey- Ive been following your blog for a couple weeks and i decided to comment today. I've struggled with weight all my life...not to the same extent as you, i'm sure, but i have lost over 70 pounds and then gained some back and then lost again over and over etc.
When it comes to broadcasting your eating plans it can be very very difficult. However, i think it is important to let the people ,whom you regularly go out with, know how important it is that you stick with your goals. Your not on a diet....your changing your life. Part of losing weight for me meant accepting that i just can't eat certain things. I absolutely 100% can not have any fast food what so ever...and i tell people that. I don't broadcast that I'm on a diet ( because I'm not) but when I'm in an eating situation i often ask if we can go somewhere healthy and all my friends know about my struggles with weight. i feel that its important so that they can offer meaningful support.
Food is an addiction. Alcoholics never stop being alcoholics and they also never drink again. We don't get the same privilege with food in that we have to eat to survive.We can't just stop. But its important to let people know that each day we are struggling to be sober and healthy.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Fit By 2009 said...

I want to get Wii fit. It seems like fun and a sly way of burning calories. Good luck with your fitness goals. The new year always gets me going in the right direction. Now to keep the coals burning all year long is the real challenge.

Happy new year.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Juice said...

I love this gem I learned at WW: I appreciate your interest in my health, but I'd prefer you not comment on my food choices.

3:35 PM  
Blogger samiam4eva06 said...

I loved this post. There was so much I could relate to you with. I hate telling the same people I'm loosing weight again.. which is one of the reasons I started this blog. Everyone on here is going through the same stuff you are.. and they haven't heard it from you before. There are a few select people I let into my weight loss journey for 2 reasons. 1) i still need to be held accountable for my actions so i tell my fiance. You can tell a bf, best friend, sister/mother, etc. 2)i can do whatever on my blog.. like complain or tell the truth.
Does that make sense? Sorry I got a little confused.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Wii fits are great until you go away for a few days, come back, and then it yells at you for being away :( worse than the cat!

the topic at my job is always weight loss - especially on the days we get lunch or a patient brings cookies or something. Though it can get funny when folks are talking on their diet while chowing down on Boston Market chicken... I guess it's best just to find the humor in any situation :)

10:42 PM  
Blogger Heather Waghelstein said...

I had trouble with the comment form so if this is a double, I'm sorry.


The banner is gorgeous.

This is such a beautiful entry. I like that it's all over the place be that's where you are. It's a new year and your entry shows that you are raring to go.
Everyday I wish I were severely, anaphylacticly to chocolate. That's my major trigger. I can not have it in the home. Thankfully my roomie is a vegan-we keep a vegan home.
In re talking about food: I keep it to myself unless asked. Before I found vegetarianism I tried every diet. I used to announce this people. Looking back I got the sense that people thought "stop talking about it, just show it" Food is such a hotbed issue. And everybody has an opinion about what is the best.
Order what you want and what you think is best for you and your goals. When someone asks me why I can't have or don't have meat or fish, I say "I choose not to eat this, it is not healthy for me to eat this." I like the "choose to" line because it signifies empowerment over food.
Congrats to your sister on her surgery. The lap band procedure is so much better for recovery than the bypass. (I work in post op)

Thanks for a great entry,

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

A few friends of mine have heard me talk about weight loss for the past ten years. It makes you realize how great of friends they are, because they listen to me go on and on like a broken record.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Perfectlychic said...

I've always tried to hide my weight and weight issues. I tend to be a very self- confident person (regardless of how much weight I've packed on over the past couple of years) I've always been in denial about being as "skinny" as everyone else and being a size 20 or 22. I haven't made any resolutions this year--- to me it's stupid to resolve to do something just because it's a new year.. my battle with being over weight is constant and I don't need to write that down somewhere on my calendar to remind me-- it's something I carry with me daily when I look in the mirror.

I've always been so hush hush with my exercise and diets-- I just want people to notice at some point and say "have you lost weight" or "wow you look great" as a segway into sharing "yes I have lost weight-- this is how thank you for noticing"

Anyway-- I've just recently started my own blog (today as a matter of fact) about my struggle with weight loss and actually admitting my issues instead of hiding them -- I'd love to hear what you think about my blog-- I'm going to follow yours!


Keep up the good work!


6:28 PM  
Anonymous Giyen said...

I look forward to keep cheering you on! This is our year!

11:08 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I think I do a little of both. I am a talker by nature, so I tell people lots of things, but I don't talk about my diet habits to everyone. It does come up because of the food choices I make: eating clean foods and such, so going to eat with co-workers or bringing in food to share is usually a topic I bring up discussion on. I am not trying to be picky, but I am going to be healthy.

I have lost 63 pounds and you can tell so people do ask a lot of questions. But I do know that these same people are questioning what I am eating...Oh bad girl ate a cookie.

I think you have to do what is comfortable for you. If you tell people and the thought of them snickering while they watch you eat a huge piece of lasgne bothers you, then the hope is that you will skip on the food and choose something healthier. But if it doesn't work that way then it might not be worth it.

We are all different and you have to do what works for you.

I also wanted to say...you don't have to give up baking if it is something you love. It is about controlling yourself around what you make. I have baked all through my weightloss, maybe it would have gone faster without the cookies, but I have 1 or 2 and then they go away. The homemade stuff is WAY better than the store bought stuff.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Wired Weight Loss said...

To lose that amount of weight takes a lot of determination. I know several people who have lost over 90lbs in the last year and they all say how much better they feel. It is worth doing.
Maybe I have some tips that may help you
Good luck

12:46 AM  
Blogger K.T. said...

It's nobody's business what you eat, and whether you gain or lose weight. You don't have to justify yourself for dieting, and you don't have to justify yourself if you stop dieting. Bringing up the subject just reinforces the idea that your body is their business. It ain't.

2:11 PM  

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