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Thursday went well with food and activity. It wasn't a gym day (we go every other day), but I did a little yoga in the morning. I am still pretty sore from Wednesdays gym outing.

I wanted to make note of what I saw at the gym on Wednesday. I saw women (mostly) and few men doing something in the weight room that made me wonder "how does that make you gain muscle?" I'm not an expert, but I saw so many people doing these fast continuous reps on the weight machine with a low amount of weight. It was almost like they were doing weight lifting aerobics. From what I've read in several places and what I've discussed with Josh, the best way to get muscle is to actually challenge your muscles. Fewer reps with more weight. And to increase the amount of weight you lift over time. Lifting at a slow pace and holding it for a few seconds where its hardest.

On another note, if you do your laundry in a public place try not to leave your undies behind like I did. I was passing the clothing lost and found in my building and thought "those look like my underwear" and sure enough they were. I just stood there staring at them hoping that someone else in the building wore white Target Isaac Mizrahi undies with ruffles. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and quickly stuffed them in my pocket.

This is what I ate:
2 whole grain waffles- 3 points (180 calories)
1/8 cup light syrup- 1 point (50 calories)
1 tablespoon olivio- 1 point (40 calories)
1/8 cup white rice- 1 point (50 calories)
3oz teriyaki chicken and vegetables- 4 points (210 calories)
2 steamed dumplings- 2 points (140 calories)
1/2 california roll- 2 points (134 calories)
1/2 salad w/ 1 tsp ginger dressing- 1 point (70 calories)
1 tempura shrimp- 1 point (70 calories)
1/2 pre made (burtella?) pasta chicken meal- 8 points (410 calories)
1/3 whole wheat baguette- 3 points (150 calories)
1-2 tbsp olivio- 2 points (80 calories)
total points: 29
total calories: 1584

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous Josh said...

I think the idea is to lift from your strongest position so you can lift the greatest amount of weight possible and then to hold before you reach full extension because locking out means the bones are holding the weight rather than your muscles. Unfortunately with the machines we have available we can't do it exactly like that. The big mistake people make is thinking that they have to make a full range of motion so they go with a lower weight to make that possible. There's a lot of myths prevalent in weight lifting just as with most things...

We'll do our new "A" workout tonight :)

2:42 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

I loved your story about the undies! Thanks for sharing! I totally needed a good laugh! What I think is almost funnier is that someone put them in the lost and found. I am not that nice. If I saw someone's undies laying around, I think I would pick them up with a stick or bag & throw them away!
On weight training: slow & steady!
Keep up the good work!

7:49 PM  

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