Sowing my oats

I had a bit of a falling out with soy earlier this week. I bought myself some tasty Luna Bars and ate myself to sickness with them. Well, sort of. I'm slowly admitting that there are just foods that my seemingly sensitive interior cannot handle and sadly soy is one of them. Its not just soy that makes me nauseous and dizzy, dairy has the same effect especially before bed. I will wake up feeling horribly bloated, nauseous, and sick. Then there are the sugars, starches and other white goodies that give me the same reaction and zap me of any energy.

Its not that I cant have these foods ever, I just have to eat them with other things in very small amounts in order to not feel horrible.

I also get very tired shortly after eating a meal, so I'm trying to be more aware of what my meals consist of. I had oats today for breakfast (the low sugar variety) and find that they must be a miracle food. I was not tired or hungry all afternoon after eating of them.

Today’s meals:
2 packets of low sugar maple oatmeal- 4 points (220 calories)
2 servings Campbell’s chicken and dumplings soup- 8 points (380 calories)
1 granny smith apple- 1 point (80 calories)
Snapple raspberry white tea- 2 points (120 calories)
Grilled chicken chipotle wrap- (grilled chicken, onions, brown rice, avacado, sauce, whole wheat wrap)- 13 points (650 calories)
Total points: 28
Total calories: 1450

Today’s exercise:
45 minutes strength training
22 minutes cardio

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Blogger Amy said...

this is probably a bit dim, but have you been tested for diabetes(or pre-diabetes) or hypoglycemia? that could help explain the post meal sleepies.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Token Fat Girl said...

amy- thats not dim at all. I was tested about a year ago because I had an infection on my toe that wouldnt heal. The nurse practitioner thought it could be a sign of diabetes. I didn't have it, I just needed a small surgery. It healed nicely afterwards.
Hopefully my weight loss and activity can reverse the disease.

2:33 PM  

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