Weigh in 1/7/06

I got on the scale today...290.5. hmph. It said 288 during the week. I should not weigh myself so much. I have some new rules for this week to make the scale go down:
1-daily exercise in the morning with richard or billy and jorge (or a long walk)
2-do not weigh in on any day besides sundays
3- stay at 1,800 calories a day

I went to acting class yesterday and now my body is sore from the commute. Its a bit of an exhausting on that leaves me wanting to turn around and go home. Its hard to explain the amount of steps to the F train at the 9th street stop in brooklyn and then out of the F train at York street in Dumbo. Its a lot. Maybe not for people in shape, but Ive seen many people struggle up the 9th street F train steps. heh.

Acting class went really well. Its something that I have low energy to get to until I'm there and its almost as if my mind and body comes alive. I enjoy the challenge and working with my teacher and class mates.

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Anonymous Middle Manager said...

Sounds like a great plan - stick to it and you will be successful! I look forward to coming back and reading about your progress.

And I have walked those steps, and they are a beast, so I feel your pain!

1:35 PM  

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