the cats meow

Its 5am folks and I'm up. There were cats screeching outside, which sounded a lot like 50 cats in heat outside my window. Sometimes, living in NY is a lot like living in a cartoon or a sitcom. I've heard these cats before, but not often. My dreams started to include the noises they were making until I woke up.

Yesterdays’ eating was much better as you can see. I’ve dedicated myself to 30 minutes of movement of some kind a day. Just 30, I feel like I'm over thinking this whole exercise thing, until it becomes a habit I'm just going to do cardio of some sort 30 minutes a day. I'll post this evening on what exercise I do.

I'm also interested in doing some video posts when josh gets his programs and whatnot fixed, so this will be happening in the near future.
My goal is two pounds a week, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that before or not. I'm sure its back there somewhere in some post. Which is about 102 lbs from now, not bad eh? That will bring me to 192 by the end of the year. Its totally do-able and not a bad goal. My weight watchers goal is 140lbs, which I assume will be about two years from now, and I’m totally okay with that.

You know, I will be 26 at that time and its going to come regardless if I lose weight or not. I would like to spend some of my 20's in a body that feels (and looks) like it belongs to a 20-something. I haven't bought un-plus sized clothing since I was 11, which is just way too long. And that’s just clothes. There is an endless list of things I've skipped out on or feel bad about because of my weight, and it’s just really not worth it.

Yesterday I found myself reading the biography of Nelson Mandela and it was very inspiring. He has a way of making people feel that they can be better and greater. If my weight and food is my only battle, and a battle I have control over, why not win? Why not fight this before I have diabetes or heart disease or cancer? Why not win for myself and my life?

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