Day 1 of 21

Okay folks, I made it to the gym today! We went pretty late, around 8:30, but I didn't want to skip out on my first day.
I did about 20 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike. I made sure my heart rate was up and I definantly broke a sweat.
Overall, I'm really glad I went. My lower back was bugging me all day today and the gym really helped with that, its not hurting at all.

My lower back doesn't hurt often at all, but it used to hurt me much more. That area is typically vulnerable to people who carry excess weight and have little core strength. Sitting for long periods of time can agitate my back, or in my case playing rock band for too many hours this weekend :)

I've got a few people lined up for the 21 day challenge and will list them all tomorrow.

Just for fun today's food: I ate about a cup of fat free vanilla yogurt for breakfast, tuna fish sandwich for lunch (on a whole wheat bun), and about two chicken and cheese enchiladas that I made for dinner (on whole wheat wraps).

Can I rant for a minute? What is it with people and cell phones? Seriously, there should be a cell phone etiquette or addiction classes for some people. There were two people yammering on at the gym today and it was so frustrating. The last person to do it was right behind me on the elliptical, I mean this girl was having a hard core conversation. Very chatty and very loud. I could feel my body tense up with annoyance. Thank goodness my time was up on the bike or I would have lost my mind even more. This sort of thing doesn't bother Josh, nothing bothers him when it comes to other people. I just don't have that ability, he always says to me "I've just accepted that their are inconsiderate idiots in the world". And to me, I just fume over people who are annoying.
What is it with people and checking their text messages during movies, do they think we can't see their little light shining during the movie? Why do people use cell phones to feel more important about their lives? ugh. cell phones. I hate them. End Rant.

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Anonymous MizFit said...

I love those days.
when I make myself go AND the aches and pains are better as a result.

I oft need those reminders of how good exercise is for me so I DONT cling to the "ooh my back hurts I SHOULDNT GO" :)

and the rant? AMEN.

people can not NOT multitask any more...we're all (the royal? sure) avoiding any MINUTE of being alone.
of being with ourselves, huh?

6:18 AM  
Blogger butterfly said...

ughhhh the cell phones! They actually have banned them at our gym now -FINALLY! I was tired of being in rage mode when ms. chatty spandex next to me had her phone ringing non-stop, only to talk about the most mundane parts of your life.

If you're really working out, you should be at the point where you can hardly speak.

I've never understood how one could read a magazine while running on the treadmill, or call up their entire address book while on the bike.

Hopefully your gym will put this type of ban together too!

11:36 AM  

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