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Thank you blog friends for the kind comments on my last entry. They are genuinely appreciated and so very helpful. Sometimes I forget how therapeutic the process of writing is. It's so reassuring to know that we are not alone.

I got on the scale this morning and it read 284. Bah, I say. I was 281 yesterday. Proof that the scale sucks and so does water weight. I weigh every day. I should really put the scale up, its in the living room right now and it calls out to me in the mornings. On my trip from the bathroom to the kitchen. Its the halfway point, and grossly I feel the best trip to weigh in on.

Today was pretty great and if I'm going to walk a lot, it might as well be in Manhattan. We started in China Town then headed to SOHO then to Greenwich Village and finally we landed in Union Square. We ate some damn fine food which I'll get to in a moment.

I started the day off with two 100 calorie granola bars. Thats the thing about 100 calorie anything with me, I can never have just one. Ever, never, ever. Okay, I probably could if I had about 20% more self-control. Don't you wish you could buy self-control at the store, right next to discipline, self-esteem and willpower?? Then I ate half of a chocolate rice cake, not sure why I only ate half. I wasn't totally convinced I wanted it to begin with. And around noon-ish I made a grilled cheese which consisted of: 2 whole grain bread slices, 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, and one tablespoon unsalted butter (god help me and my love for unsalted real butter.)

So back to city food. In Greenich village we stopped in at a Mexican place with really busy decor. We ordered: chips and salsa, one chicken burrito and one order of chicken quesadillas. We went half on everything. If you ask me how many calories I think it was I would say about 1,100 (each) for everything. Thats a lot, right? We continued to walk which made my legs hurt, but thats okay because the trips to Anthropologie, CB2 and Barnes and Noble made the leg pain disappear magically. When we finally made it to Union Square we stopped in at Tisserie which has been tempting me for a very long time. Of course, they have a lot of delicious looking European desserts. We both had a 55% cacao organic Venezuelan walnut brownie (that sounds really snobby, those aren't my fancy words.) It had ganache icing on top. I apologize for even talking about that thing in my diet blog, but it really. was. amazing. Thats a total of about 2,340 calories for the day, and that my friends is a good example of how to eat well, but not to make the scale go down. However, we did walk a lot possibly 7 miles and there were stairs!

How the day could have been better food wise:
For breakfast I should have eaten something filling like oatmeal (not the sugar-laden kind that I love) or eggs and whole wheat toast. This would have taken away my craving for grilled cheese.
At the Mexican restaurant we could have shared the chicken burrito, which I didn't feel was all that bad. It didn't have any cheese or sour cream in it. Just chicken, wrap, rice and pinto beans. We could have gotten salads to make it more filling instead of the chips and salsa. Oh, how I love chips and salsa. Finally, we really and truly could have shared the brownie.

And thats why I'm doing this, reminders, lessons, hints. There are always better options, right?

I don't feel guilty at all, I can only get better.

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Blogger Kriss said...

I love how you don't feel guilty about the day - it sounds like you had a wonderful day out, and your choices weren't *that* bad. I can scarf down fried chips & salsa and still eat a HUGE Mexican dinner. You walked a lot, you enjoyed yourself, and that's that.

And oh, sweet Jesus, I love chocolate ganache on anything. I think it's the nectar of the Gods.

6:17 PM  

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