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Its no suprise that my biggest mistake with my weight loss efforts is that fact that I go on and off so often and so quickly. The off time quickly starts getting longer than the on time and then its just a cycle. I realize this on some level, but not enough to obviously stop doing it.

Remember when I wrote about the gym every single day? I was on fire, and it was so wonderful. I felt good and not foggy. My muscles burned. I loved it, and then this job stuff happened and then I didnt go for a few days and now I'm baking banana bread and figuring out where I went wrong.

sigh sigh sigh. What needs to happen? Fewer off days from the gym, no more than two days in a row. Period. More good "on" diet days. Fewer off days.

Its annoying and I feel like as soon as I saw the scale going down, I suddenly gave myself permission to eatttttt and not go to the gym.

It ends here. I did walk a lot today, we walked a lot. Its hard to tell how much, but the amount of walking that makes your legs hurt.

So this whole off cycle ends tonight. Thats all I wanted to say, have a lovely evening.

PS: give me some of your getting back into gear tips, pahleassse!

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Anonymous Vinesh said...


nice effprts you are putting in :).

regarding the on/off thingy

Me and some of my students got injuries because of our MA training, it so happened that during the time we couldn't train, we paid excessive attention to our diets, like consuming green tea, more water, vitamins on time, raw fruits and vegetables, natural proteins.

Because we didn't get exhausted, it became a much simpler task and we ended up losing 2-4% of fat in our time off.

I would recommend you buy a bullworker and a resistance band and go at it WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT :).

4:50 AM  
Blogger xo said...

I find that if I eat fruit for breakfast (not a bagel, or eggs, or a granola bar, etc) - I eat better for the entire day. Eating raw fruit in the morning means I'm less hungry & lunch and it even makes me want to eat more raw fruits & veggies.

Sometimes if I can't get to the gym, I buy a new magazine & don't let myself read it until I'm on the stairmaster.

xx m

12:34 PM  

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