Monday, monday: self-employment at its best

I hope you enjoyed the southwestern egg roll recipe from yesterday. Let me know if you make any, I'd love to here how they turn out!

So, its monday. Agh. Actually this Monday is very different for me than other Mondays because of some recent work issues I took the leap over to self-employment. Which means more blogging by me and more weight loss goodness around here. And more, well, weight loss by me!

I'm holding steady around 273. Looks like the 270 was just water weight, but never fear 273 is great! I got down their recently after my freakish flu in March and shot right back up to 278-281 there after. Now I know its due to hard work. IE: exercise and food counting.

Yesterday was a bit of a food free for all for me, as I feel like I'm recoverig from the shock of my work decision. Which in my world means more eating. But it was temporary and snickerdoodles + Mexican food aside I'm ready to continue kicking ass.

Have I mentioned that I'm getting married? I have? Oh, sorry I get repetitive at times. But, in nine months I will be marrying my lovely Joshie and back on April 10th I realized that if I lose just 11 lbs. a month until February 10th I could be down to 168. Whattttt?

Yes thats right 168. Let me honest here, 190 would be good, 168 is like rolling on the ground good. So far I'm on that path to get there. On April 10th I weight 278, and on May 10th I need to weigh 267. I'm at 273 now, thats 6 lbs in about two weeks. We'll see. But, regardless my goal this week is to exercise every day with one day off. And since my week started yesterday and I didn't exercise that means everyday this week until Sunday. I've done it before and can do it again! More good days than bad I keep telling myself.

More good days, fewer bad days.

Does anyone else out there want to share their goals for the week?

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Blogger Fit By 2009 said...

Exercise everyday this week? Huh, I'm shooting for 3 times this week! :)

5:43 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

I love your blog! My goal is to stay on my plan...journal...and hopefully lose weight this week! Woohoo!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Olivia said...

My goal is to workout hard core at least three days this week but do something physical every day even if it is just walking around the neighborhood. I am also trying to only eating foods I prepare and cook. No processed for me! :)

Good luck sista, you are such and inspiration!

10:58 PM  

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