Banana Bread

I made it this morning and its very good, I highly recommend trying it
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2 medium bananas- 3.5 (mine were very ripe/brown...I saved them!)

1 tablespoon diet butter- 2 points

½ cup sugar- 7.5 points

2 tablespoons skim milk- 1 point

1 whole egg- 2 points

¾ cup flour- 6 points

1 teaspoon vanilla extract- zero

Dash of Salt- zero
1 teaspoon of baking powder- zero

Total points for bread: 18.5 points for all of bread

Bake at 350 degrees until done (about 15 minutes) in bread pan or 9 x 9 cake pan

4 servings: 4.6-5 points each serving

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Blogger FAT BRIDESMAID said...

That bread looks daaaaaamn good. I might have to give it a shot (replacing the sugar with Splenda and using wheat flour -- my bread will be much heavier I think). And your photos - way to go, girl. You did it with your face and in your underwear, which makes you much much braver than me.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Marshmallow said...

Oh YUM! I love Banana Bread, though its hard to find here, so thank you very much for the recipe! Can't wait to give it a go :-D

4:48 PM  

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