Most of my food entries will be past tense so here is a little bit about yesterday.
This is what I wrote in an email to myself after breakfast yesterday morning:
“I stopped in at Steve's Bagel on my way to work to get an everything bagel (sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seeds etc) toasted with a little butter + an orange juice. I swear I could eat 3 of those bagels at a time every day for every meal. Maybe I'd get tired of it, but I'd be willing to try. Seriously though, in the future I would like to make these bagels at home (ordered from fresh direct) and put olivio on it which would be a lot better and not have mysterious calories. This bagel is too good really. But, I dare myself not to go insane over eating it. As in wanting more or feeling bad for eating it. The orange juice has 220 calories and I got it for taking my vitamins. Again, I do not need 220 calories worth of orange juice to take vitamins.

I'm currently taking B5 vitamins for my complexion and for energy and I also take a multivitamin. It helps to write and think after I eat especially if I stop eating and am left with wanting more. Because the truth is, I am full and I don't need to eat more. Writing like this after a meal forever is unrealistic, but it helps me keep in touch with how I feel after I eat. I'm going to look for a digital recorder in the future so that I can record thoughts throughout the day and possibly upload them to my blog.”

A little later I went to have lunch I was slightly hungry, but I could have waited. Anyhow, I walked over the to grocery store near my work and picked up one of the Nestea (I think) Calorie Burner drinks? The green tea one, that is berry flavored. I’m not sure why I bought this, because it was expensive and I don’t like nor advocate diet drinks. It also has aspartame and 5 calories in it, but not the weird after taste. I’m not a big fan of “diet” foods or drinks, not only because they taste bad, but because they are usually filled with something weird and unnatural and I think they are mostly snacks that make me crave more food or sweets. And as far as snacks I picked up the half naked brand of popped popcorn that has a touch of olive oil in it. I read the package and it had 4 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, no saturated or Tran’s fats or cholesterol and only 120 calories per 4 cups. I bought it and enjoyed it, not something I’d keep around a lot, but nice. I shared with my co-worker and thought it was funny when she jokingly said “this popcorn is white!” meaning it wasn’t drowning in butter. So anyway, I also went to the Chinese place where I ate over half of a garlic chicken and white rice meal. Two things I learned from this 1) portions are crazy at this place and I should only eat half or even less than that 2) I found the diet menu, and will be ordering from that from now on…everything is steamed and all sauces are on the side.
Dinner wasn’t dinner at all. I didn’t get hungry again until late and I just grabbed a little popcorn and ate a couple pieces of oatmeal cereal.

No exercise, besides my commute to work. I need to clean up the living room for dvd exercise, and work on a plan. I will exercise today though. I am also going to a party tonight where I’m sure food/drinking will be involved, this will be a nice test for me and my gremlin.

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