why the token fat girl

I'm not sure I ever explained the reasoning for naming this blog “the token fat girl” . There isn't one specific reason, but many experiences compiled. I guess it comes from the saying "the token black guy" for movies and TV that center mostly around white people.

In my life I have felt like that guy, except I’m a white-fat girl. At parties, in school, and in a lot of my life experiences I’ve been the odd one out, so to speak. I feel like there is always one of us and in other parts of the world there are other versions of me, the fat girl.

My stories about being fat are true and also very cliché, you can pretty much guess it all. No dates, the sad lengths I've gone to for male acceptance or attention, being made fun of, being tripped down the hallway on my first day of seventh grade, the looks, the snickers, the small seats, the snide comments from family, or even the boosted confidence of the thin people around me.

In college, I always felt like the "token fat girl" at parties or in a lot of social gatherings. It's hard to explain to other people, but when you are a fat girl/woman in our society you get used to the fact that nothing will fit you in most stores, all advertising is for women half your size and there are tons of movies that point out or make fun of fat women. In fact, a good portion of the movies and TV I have seen make fun of fat people. Fat suit anyone?

I don't say these things for pity, because they are apart of who I am and where I’ve come. Most people at some point in their lives are treated unfairly for some reason or another.
But, being fat has made me feel immature, dumb, ungraceful and at times simply inhuman.

It’s very interesting and strange to me that I've become someone who is very open about their weight issues. I guess I sort of feel like I should inform people that yes, I know I'm fat. You wouldn’t believe how many people in some form or another has needed to inform me of this. As if I wasn’t aware.

The truth is I figure I've come a long way and where I am and where I'm headed isn't so bad.

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Blogger Pudgy Bunny said...

I know the feeling of wanting to pre-emptively state that you are fat. As if that is something that has escaped your attention, well at my size it is pretty ridiculous. That I start on myself not whenever I see a doctor or a nurse, because I realise I have a problem, being TOLD that I need to lose weight is really not going to make it any easier. I might not feel like eating the rest of that day but... it does no long term good for me.

3:48 PM  

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