Vegetable Lasagna and Curried Chicken Salad

This is a recipe I threw together for vegetable lasagna last night:
Fat free ricotta- 7
One whole egg – 2
4 string cheese- 8
Spaghetti sauce (one jar)- 12
Parmesan cheese (2 tbls)
One egg plant- 0
Mushrooms (about 10)-0
Green peppers-0
Two smallish tomatoes-0
About 3 oz. provolone- 9
Garlic (minced)-0
Lasagna noodles- 12
50 points for whole pan
Makes 6 servings 8.3 points each

I really liked it, even though its not totally like tradition lasagna and next time I think I will use zucchini instead of egg plant and will throw in some spinach next time as well. I served this in a bowl because its kind of uhm...loose, heh, but it has a really nice flavor and its good for lunch the next day or dinner. I also used two layers of noodles one on the bottom and one on the top to save some noodle calories.

I also made a curry chicken salad yesterday and I highly recommend it for something a little different.
Its very easy...
boil two chicken breasts until done and then cut in small parts or put in a processor, the rest I just sort of put in according to taste...
low fat plan yogurt, light mayo, curry powder and granny smith apple. I served this on a French baguette and four points a serving of 1 cup.

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