Post Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a delicious Valentine's Day!

After yesterday's Valentine’s gorge (check out the food diary) I wanted to weigh myself this morning, curiously thinking that it would show up on the scale. Surprisingly, it didn't, or hasn't and even shows a slight loss. Anyway, today continues as usually with 36 points.

I'm still feeling sick (sore throat + low energy) so I don't think I will be going into work this morning; this will give me some time to do a little cleaning before my company gets here this weekend. Three of my favorite friends, my mom and sister are taking the "red eye" bus to NYC Friday evening and will get here just shy of 9am on Saturday. It's always a thrill for me to show people around New York for the first time and also exciting for me to have company in my apartment which doesn't happen very often. It's always fun to have friends in your new apartment for the first time, it’s almost a mandatory christening for us it seems, even though I've been here going on six months.

My groceries will be here around 2pm today, I'm abnormally excited about that. I've heard of this great sandwich with brie and apples on nice crusty bread and I can’t wait to make that today. It’s a little adventurous for me, considering that I eat at subway 3+ times a week and it is always meat with lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, light mayonnaise and provolone…always…every time. Of course, they do not have brie or apples at subway.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'd really like to do some video posts in the future, possibly with cooking or exercising. I suppose for now, I could take photographs of the food I make?

Anyway, today is about getting back on track, no need to mull over the delicious food from yesterday, right?

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Blogger The EYE said...

That sandwich does sound good... you'll have to post on how it was afterwards... or at least reply to the comment after eating it.

9:49 AM  

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