the portion police

I'm sure by now everyone has heard the about what a portion looks like...dice, a deck of cards and a computer mouse. I never really gave it much attention until today when I was eating blocks of provolone. I saw that 1oz of provolone has 3 points, but what does one ounce look like? Four Dice. Thats pretty reasonable, I think.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting So thats how much cheese I ate.

And if you're curious...

one ounce of poultry or meat looks like a matchbox
three ounces of poultry or meat (the recommended size for a meal) looks like a deck of cards or a bar of soap
three ounces of fish looks like a checkbook
one ounce of cheese looks like four dice
medium potato looks like a computer mouse
two tablespoons of peanut butter looks like a ping pong ball
one cup of pasta looks like a tennis ball
one bagel looks like a hockey puck

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